About Susan Vaughn

Hello, my name is Susan Vaughn. I am a psychotherapist and reality creation coach who believes that inner healing is the key to radiant health, and that vibrational shift is the medicine of the future. The vibrational shift I’m talking about is a shift in what we think about health and health care. I believe that if we do not make this shift, we will continue on our present trajectory of ever accelerating degenerative disease.

I am a multidimensional healer with 22 years of experience. I’ve healed myself of Lyme disease of over 20 years duration, as well as multiple food and chemical sensitivities I had since birth. I’ve also healed myself of low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence generated from an unhappy, moderately abusive childhood by doing a lot of inner work with my higher self as guide, teacher, healer, and friend.