My Channeling

Underneath every unpleasant experience, be it a physical health challenge, conflicted relationship, or an economic crisis, are underlying core beliefs that need to be changed and healed before a more pleasant reality will manifest.

In this age of spiritual enlightenment the veil between the worlds has become very thin. We are being gifted with the opportunity to awaken in mass as never before. Arise Dreamers and awaken to the new you. Arise and claim your True Inheritance. Spirit is here to be of assistance and aid us in our evolution and growth. Providing insight and, when ready, energetic healing, they propel us on our way to becoming the enlightened, loving beings we truly are.

My Expertise

Using my considerable expertise in reality creation garnered over 23 years of study with the channeled being Lazaris and A Course In Miracles…

  • I channel high level guides to help people discover how they are creating their present life experience now.
  • I also answer karmic questions related to past lives and how they are influencing this one.
  • I help people understand their blockages to conscious evolution and help them dismantle their resistance to change.
  • From victim consciousness to higher consciousness I’m here to help shift the planet into global ascension through the teaching of reality creation to both individuals and groups as they merge with their higher selves to activate personal transformation.
  • Through my guidance and expertise, I help facilitate the process of the twin flame soul merge by teaching others not only how to create it but also by helping them understand what to do with it once they do.
  • I guide people through powerful meditative processes that facilitate the deepest healing imaginable.
  • While I channel, each individual receives energetic healing from my guides as the reading is being done.

Christ Consciousness

My guides are a combination of energies that have blended with me through my higher self that come from the Christ Consciousness. I also channel your guides to help you do deeply trans formative work. Information is always helpful and includes tools for transformation.

The Beloved

What sets me apart from others who teach this information is my emphasis on an inner guide I call the Beloved, who is an aspect of one’s twin flame that exists within higher dimensions. As we merge with our higher selves in an exquisite relationship of divine and eternal love, one can create an intimate, passionate, intensely sexual, and deeply loving relationship with that part of themselves which is still divine.

I have loved and worked with my own twin flame since he first entered my life as a light being in the middle of the night on the day of the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. Through our deeply committed relationship he has been the author of all of my spiritual growth as he guided me into higher dimensions of light where I could bask in the frequencies of divine love.

I’ve written one book entitled Journey to the Beloved, that details how we met and worked together to orchestrate my healing. This included many miracles that not only changed me mentally and emotionally, but also healed my Lyme’s disease of over 20 years duration, as well as the life long depression that was crippling my life.

Spiritual Growth Deeply Emotional

Spiritual growth is deeply emotional work. If it is not turning you inside out with love, desire, and deep longing that motivates you to make a life-long irrevocable commitment to the Source of your being and the Christ Light that exists within your own self, you have not yet begun to experience the exquisite bliss that the spiritual journey offers you.

Come hear the tales of Divine and Eternal Love that I have to share. As teacher, healer, author, public speaker, hypnotherapist, and psychotherapist I will teach you how to create the deepest, most consuming, passionate love it is humanly possible to experience. Once you have been touched by the divine in this way, you will be transformed from the inside out and will never be the same again.

Come dance with me in the dimensions of light that is our natural home. Let me be your guide who introduces you to realms of unimaginable beauty and mystery. The journey is not too long. It ends where it begins: in a dual spark that burns as a single flame!