Chapter 5: Reality Creation

Journey to the Beloved – Chapter 5: Reality Creation

Before you can heal your mind, you must know how to reprogram it. To that end this chapter shares what is, in my opinion, a truer version of creation than the one that is commonly believed. It begins in science and ends in faith.

It has been formulated by Einstein that there isn’t any difference between mass and energy. Webster’s dictionary defines “energy” as an invisible force or power that is inherent within a thing that gives it the ability to overcome resistance and do work. Therefore, another name for energy is life force. All of us have life force. If we did not, we would be dead.
It is our thoughts and feelings that direct our life force to do the “work” of being physical. Thoughts are electrical. Feelings are magnetic. The two together create electromagnetic energy. Each thought, energized by feeling, has a particular vibration. Many thoughts together have more vibration than a single thought. Your belief system, which encompasses all aspects of who you define yourself to be, has even greater vibration, for it contains literally hundreds of thousands of thoughts and feelings all bundled together. Your singular belief system is set within a backdrop of your cultural and religious belief system, which is set within a backdrop of a global belief system. The cultural and global belief system determines the field of play with its inherent set of limitations that circumscribes your life.
The highest vibration that can be achieved by a human being is the vibration of Love, which is the vibration of your higher consciousness that has not been contaminated by the limitations of the physical plane. Love is a difficult word to define for its meaning changes as one evolves in consciousness. Its meaning also continuously expands, becoming deeper and more complex as one matures.
Most of what I know about divine love I learned from A Course In Miracles. When I first began reading the Course in 1987, much of it was incomprehensible to me. I struggled through it, fascinated with the ideas that I only dimly understood. As my consciousness evolved, I began reading the Course with much greater understanding than I did in the beginning. That’s because it is full of amplified meaning, or meaning that continuously expands as your consciousness elevates. It is like Love itself, deep, complex, expansive, and all encompassing.
Because A Course in Miracles taught me that I’m divine, with the same creative power as my Source, I began to think about myself in a very different way than I did when I believed I was just a lowly human, which is what my culture taught me to believe. Though it took me years of reading it to fully understand its meaning, little by little it so changed my perception of the world that  I began to see something that literally had been invisible to me before. What I saw was astounding: a world full of powerful creators who are fully capable of creating in the likeness of their Creator but who do not do so because they are ignorant of their true creative abilities.
I believe that to teach someone who they really are is the highest form of LOVE there is, for in that vision is their capacity to evolve. Since this knowledge can mean the end of all their pain, what could be a greater gift to give than this? To evolve into that understanding, however, one must give up or transcend everything that they have ever been taught about reality creation and fully embrace a much higher belief system.
Since belief systems vibrate, they have enormous creative power. The belief system of victim consciousness taught to us by our culture that most of us resonate to instantly “manifests” a world of suffering and pain “like magic” in front of our eyes. It is so seamless and seems so natural to us that we find it unremarkable. We have no idea that we are the creators who are manifesting that world and that, if we so choose, we could manifest something different. In fact, we could create something wonderful if we chose to create with Love.
To that end one must choose to think loving thoughts and to evolve those thoughts as their consciousness expands. When your thoughts are leading you toward understanding Love, and your thoughts are energized by the feeling we call love, you are vibrating in the highest vibration possible for you to achieve now. By putting your thoughts into action, you raise your vibration, which makes you capable of learning more. In this way you will steadily evolve eternally.
What we have not understood about creation is that we live in an orderly universe that contains universal laws or principles that govern all energy. These laws could be called divine laws, universal laws, the laws of Love, or the laws of reality creation, all of which basically mean the same thing. They are universal because they govern all energy. They are divine because they exist outside of time and space as well as within it. They are loving because when they are understood, they keep us safe. To call them the laws of reality creation merely describes what they do. In essence, they determine how we create every instant of our lives.
Because of our ignorance of these laws, we have disregarded them. That is why the physical plane seems to be a chaotic place where things seem to happen without rhyme or reason and where “fate” seems to prevail. By becoming conscious of the divine laws of Love that govern all energy and then choosing to conscientiously apply them to our lives, we can circumvent such disasters as deprivation, disease and, theoretically, even physical death if we  vibrate high enough.
Though there are many laws that govern energy, for my purpose here I will only discuss two of them. The first pertinent law is popularly being called the Law of Attraction, which states that “like” attracts “like”. In other words, when two or more energies hold similar vibration, they attract one another becoming one. The other law is called the Law of Resonance, which states that when two or more energies are vibrating at differing rates of speed, either the higher will descend or the lower will rise until the two are vibrating the same. This second law could also be called the Law of Environment for it simply means that the people we hang out with exert an energetic pull upon us, motivating us to either rise or descend in vibration until we are vibrating the same as they are. These two laws accurately reflect how we manifest life experience.
The Law of Attraction is how lovers attract one another and how we get involved in the circumstances and events that shape us. Through attraction we are magnetically drawn to doing what interests us, and to the people we resonate with.  “Birds of a feather flock together” because they hold similar beliefs and interests. Because they resonate with one another, they influence one another’s thinking for well or ill, either vibrationally lifting us up or pulling us down.
Collectively, we all belong to the set of people who believe that we don’t creatively generate our reality. Because we don’t believe that we attract our life experience, we also believe that we can be victimized by the actions of others. Neither do we believe that we are responsible for having created our diseases, which mysteriously erupt within us in unpredictable ways. We also do not believe that we can heal our diseases for we don’t believe that our minds control our bodies. Rather, we believe that our bodies are more powerful than our minds and can do things beyond our conscious control. Since everyone around us also believes these things we all vibrate together and create a collective reality that seems, for all intents and purposes, to validate these beliefs.
It is this collective perception of reality, also called mass consciousness or the consensus reality,  that exerts a continuous pull on our vibration, keeping us stuck exactly where we are at. This continuous pull makes it exceptionally hard for us to rise above it, or ascend. Because we belong to the set of people who believe that we are not the creators of our reality and can therefore be victimized by it, we live within the “setting” of this creation. This setting contains an unlimited number of appearances that align with our highest truth of victim consciousness. In fact, we have created a highly detailed external world that is fully aligned with our belief that we are victims of a world that we did not create. It could even be said that this belief is sacred to us and, whether we know it or not, is currently functioning as our god.
Even other religious beliefs bow down to the belief that we do not create our reality, for when one believes that they can be healed by something external to themselves and not by the creative force that lies within them, they are making an assumption that they do not direct this force, which is therefore not available to them. Hence, the belief that somebody or something else (a God or savior) needs to do the healing work for them. Because we are each the creators of our reality, to believe we are not is to keep us in the set and setting of people who cannot create miracles, and who do not have the power to change their external lives. This is how the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance work together to create our life experience.
It is easy to see how the Law of Attraction attracts us to our lovers and to the experiences that interest us. However, it is not so easy to understand how an infant attracts itself to its parents. To understand this, we must understand our eternal nature, as well as our creative power as spiritual beings. Birth simply is not a beginning. Rather, it is a continuing. An infant who has already lived many hundreds of lifetimes has an energy field that is formed by the knowledge and experiences gained during their previous incarnations. Because the infants brain is incapable of recalling these memories, this knowledge is temporarily “forgotten”. Therefore, through the Law of Attraction, the child will unconsciously recreate the exact circumstances it needs to pick up exactly where it left off the lifetime before, albeit in a brand new form. When one understands that they have many hundreds of lifetimes that build upon each other, (not in a linear fashion but in a holistic way) attracting the circumstances of one’s birth, including one’s parents, physical attributes of gender, skin and eye color, etc., innate talents and physical and mental handicaps becomes completely plausible.
Also, whether we know it or not, in each of our incarnations we are attempting to perfect ourselves in the image and likeness of God, who is the Creative Life Force that enlivens us. To that end, we strive to learn how to become completely loving and all powerful, for these are His/Her attributes. Therefore, lifetime after lifetime, we are unconsciously driven to figure out how to create an eternal love that never leaves us that is fully nurturing, giving us everything we need to both survive and thrive. Because we have put the god of victim consciousness on our throne, it has taken us eons of time to figure out how to do this. Because the god of victim consciousness is powerless, we believe that we must manipulate and control our environment and everyone and everything in it to get our needs met. Because nobody likes to be manipulated and controlled, when we do this to others, we destroy the very love we are trying to create. In Love’s destruction is our destruction. At death, we take our unlearned lessons with us, which become the inventory for our next life experience.
To understand how a rape victim attracts a rapist, or how one attracts accidents “out of the blue“, one must understand the true nature of manifestation. When we are born we discover an unalterable fact of being physical, which is that being physical hurts. The very act of being born is painful. And even if your mother figures out how to create it being as painless as possible, once out of the birth canal we get cold, feel hungry, get diaper rash, feel lonely, get bored, etc. Our bodies are vulnerable to all kinds of insults, including the assault of other people, animals, and objects which are hard and unyielding. This causes us to need complete protection by a loving parent at all times during our infancy and childhood or we will die.
Once we learn to talk we discover that we can be mentally insulted as well as physically assaulted. These mental wounds can hurt us so badly that they can literally take lifetimes to heal. In addition to the love, affection, and protection that every infant needs to thrive, we also eventually develop the need for regular sex and physical mating, as well as the need to be gainfully employed so that we can create the physical comfort that our bodies crave.
Because it is impossible for even the most loving parents to completely shield their child from pain and suffering, we inevitably create an ego whose job it is to protect us from the insults of life. The ego becomes the voice we hear in our heads that directs us in this endeavor.
Our egos are born neutral, but in time become either positive or negative. The development of a strong, positive ego or a weak, negative one is dependent upon our environment. If one is raised by a care provider whose ego is dark and negative, the child will experience some form of abuse – mental, emotional, religious, sexual, physical. Feeling unsafe, it will use whatever tools are available to it to protect itself. Since a child is completely vulnerable to attack, and is not intellectually sophisticated enough to see a bigger picture, instead of telling itself that there is something wrong with its parent, it will tell itself that it is flawed, that it deserves the abuse it receives, and that it is guilty of whatever crimes it is accused of, and is therefore deserving of punishment. This will cause the child to fill with shame, which is a feeling of being flawed in one’s very nature. Shame is the one and only “sin” that the Christians say that Jesus came to neutralize by his death on the cross. When it is truly neutralized we are indeed set free.
The shamed child creates a very dark ego, one that is abusive and cruel. The ego expresses this shame in four specific ways. The first is to become self-hating and self-critical. Believing that you must be “perfect” in order to maintain your safety, the ego verbally abuses the self for all perceived imperfections and flaws calling itself terrible names  like stupid, and idiot that take away its self-esteem.
The second way shame is expressed is similar to the first, but added to its verbal abuse is physical abuse. This is when the ego motivates you to hurt yourself in some way, such as cutting or burning yourself, going on extreme diets to the point of anorexia and death, making yourself vomit after eating too much, cutting yourself surgically to reshape an imperfect, flawed body by giving it “face lifts” or by putting implants into it, endlessly dying your hair with toxic, noxious chemicals, covering your flawed face with make-up so your flaws can‘t be seen, etc.
The third way shame is expressed is quite different than the other two. It is simply to numb yourself so you don’t have to feel your pain. In this method the ego motivates you to take a chemical substance (like recreational or prescribed drugs or alcohol) to stop feeling your pain, or to engage in an activity that distracts you from it. This could be an activity like gambling, shopping, eating, hoarding, sex, endless TV watching, video game playing, working, etc. Anything that either distracts you from your pain or numbs you to it so that you don’t have to feel it will do. Because this solution is only temporary and generally has negative side effects, your ego will both drive you to it through its verbal abuse and then will continue to verbally abuse you when you can’t stop your unsafe addiction, creating a vicious cycle of endless self-abuse that seems eternal.
The fourth method is to simply deny your shame and pass it on to others. People who use this method point out and oftentimes take advantage of other people’s flaws, never admitting that they have any of their own. They can become literal bullies, tyrants, ayatollahs, political figures, and  bosses, but they can also be abusive parents or teachers, people who engage in domestic violence, gossips, and anyone who is spiteful. They enjoy power and control, and frequently profit by taking advantage of others.
Method number four is used by everyone to some extent, for it is the aspect of shame that is critical and condemning and judges others for their shortcomings. Even if ones condemnation is never verbalized or acted upon, but only thought about, it is still shame. Judgment and condemnation gives you a temporary respite from your own feelings of inadequacy.
Although we all have a favored method for doing shame, most of us use all of them to a certain extent. Those who fall solely into the fourth category and never criticize themselves for their actions are called sociopaths who are without human conscience. By whatever name, it is still shame. The negative ego that expresses its shame in any of these four ways holds a very low vibration. Unfortunately, its vibration is highly attractive. Because it is abusive, it attracts abusers. Sometimes that abuse comes in the form of other people who abandon, reject, humiliate or betray you, and sometimes in the form of accidents that come at you out of the blue, much like a rapist does. The rape victim who has a self-abusive negative ego will attract a rapist with a negative ego that is a bully. People who attract accidents have negative egos that produce pain. Obviously, the forms that this abuse can take are legion, but if you look beyond appearances you will see that they are all one. The thinker has simply attracted an environment that reflects their own ego-driven thought.
Each time your negative ego talks to you about your flaws or the flaws of others, every comment is like a little barb, or a pointed arrow that sinks into your flesh. In time, the etheric body becomes riddled with tiny invisible bleeding wounds that eventually manifest as physical disease. If you think that we live in a world that is attacking us, you are right, but we are not victims of that world, for it is a complete reflection of our negative egos in action. Our negative egos are the cause of all abuse, conflict, suffering, war, and pain on the planet. They separate and divide us from each other. They also separate and divide us from our higher selves. They most certainly separate us from the positive, nurturing life that is our right to have.
Because the “external” is merely a projection of thought, what we see outside of us (including our own bodies which are exterior to the invisible spiritual being we are) is merely a reflection of what we have made of ourselves. This world is populated by people who do to us what our negative egos both do to us and other people. Having put the god of victim consciousness on our throne, we have made ourselves helpless to change it, for we constantly “align“ with our god. “Alignment” is the hidden meaning of the word “religion”. It simply means to “align”.  The god you choose to align with becomes the god that creates your reality.
The negative ego has two specific characteristics. The first characteristic I’ve already mentioned. It is that it attacks in order to maintain its own safety. The second is that it thrives on specialness. It either believes that you are especially bad and unworthy, no good, inadequate, etc., or especially good, and therfore better than other people, and entitled to special favors. It can swing back and forth from less than to better than, pointing out people that are less than you so you can feel better than them, or pointing out people you can never measure up to and therefore making you feel inadequate.
No matter which direction your specialness takes, each is a form of manipulation. Those who think of themselves as weak think they are entitled to be taken care of by others: spouses, care providers, nurses, doctors, friends, other family members, the government. They constantly ask for favors and special privileges of those they think of as stronger and more capable than they – the competent people whose services they require. They feel sorry for themselves when these favors are denied them, and angry at the cruel world that withholds its bounty.
Those who fall on the side of better then feel entitled to take advantage of those who see themselves as weak and incapable. Therefore, they may charge exorbitant prices for their services, or pay their workers little for their sacrifice of energy and time. They bind themselves energetically to the set and setting of people who can further their own special self-interest, creating “contacts” and networking within the group of people who can improve their circumstances. These “better than” people span all classes, from the lowest to the highest, for they include anyone who takes advantage of others for their own profit. They can be obvious evil doers, or they can clothe themselves in sheep’s garments, even fooling themselves about their primary motivation. They are simply people who choose to serve themselves before they serve the needs of all, which may not even be relevant to them.
When we die, we may drop the body but our thoughts and feelings go with us wherever we go. Our bodies are truly irrelevant to who we are, for it is our thoughts and feelings that are immortal and remain unchanged until we decide to change them. The body is nothing more than a teaching device. It teaches us what impact feels like. When you hold on to beliefs that separate you from others, you create the “conditions” of separation. You will incarnate into this environment again and again until you, yourself, change the “conditions” of your life by choosing not to create separation. This set and setting of separation through specialness then becomes your karma, and you will relearn, in every lifetime, to create more separation so that you can give yourself the opportunity to feel its impact and thus decide differently.
After death, we become suddenly enlightened as to how we are creating our pain. Without an ego or a body to defend, we immediately see the consequences of our loveless or inauthentic behavior, generated through a negative ego that separates and divides, and we see how it affected the people around us. We see our shortcomings, hidden agendas, and payoffs clearly for what they are: mistaken perception that needs to be changed.
In order to correct our mistakes, we will eventually choose to incarnate again into our one expanded lifetime. That is because it is here, in the physical realm, that we develop the personal power to see beyond the distractions of time, space, and form into the heart of Truth and Love. When we do, we will realize that our negative egos continuously lie to us, taking away all of our personal power to create positive change and become the real god beings of love and power that we are. We will also fully understand that our egos, which constantly motivate unloving behavior, are the main attractors of our reality. They hold a very low vibration and consequently attract a life that feels less than nurturing.
Because we have put the god of victim consciousness on our thrones, we never get it that we are the creators who create it all. When we blame others or circumstances beyond our control for the pain that we, ourselves, have created, we take away our motivation to reflect upon our creation, which will allow us to change the way we think about it. Being unable to change our thinking, we will fail to evolve, which means we will not learn what our pain is designed to teach us. When that happens we create learning failure and must return to create the same lessons over again.
There is only one way to heal this. We must recognize the gifts our negative egos offer us and admit that they are worthless trinkets without value. We will then choose to relinquish our investment in our negative ego chatter and energetically unplug ourselves from its rhetoric. As we tell ourselves a different story filled with higher truth, we will ascend into our higher consciousness. In time, our changed vibration will attract us to an entirely different reality. In that reality, we and everyone in it will treat each other with kindness and respect. We will do this not only literally, but also in our thought life. We will then create the nurturing, health-giving reality that is our deepest desire to create.
Only by making an irrevocable commitment to our higher selves can we create this change. When we take our higher selves as Beloved, meaning that we choose them as our one and only true partner in love and co-creation, we make an unequivocal decision to separate ourselves from our negative ego and listen to only one voice-the voice of divine and eternal love. This will allow us to learn the final lesson we came here to learn, which is that we are all One and that separation through specialness is a self-destructive illusion that has no basis in reality.
What that means is that we have to learn to love each other despite our differences of form. It also means that the most insignificant among us are as valuable as the most important, for each has a role to play in the positive functioning of the whole. To learn this lesson we must own our own value and also learn to value every other human being on the planet, as well as all the other plants and animals. In short, we must learn to value all creation.
When we do, we will be motivated to clean up the mess we’ve made by changing every system and structure on the planet that rests upon a faulty foundation. That means that our religions must change to reflect a higher truth-the fact that we are the creators who are creating it all. When we learn to create in love like the God who created us, we will create a wondrous reality. Our educational system must change to instill within others the knowledge of creation and teach people how to develop their personal power to become the change they want to see. Our governments must change to reflect the true will of the people to unite rather than separate. Our businesses must change to reflect the higher principles of equality and true reciprocity. In short, we all must learn to value LOVE, making it into our highest and ultimately our only priority.
Because victim consciousness is a belief system that creates inequality which sacrifices love, it creates endless opportunities for forgiveness. As we reflect upon our creation, examining how we, ourselves, have attracted to us every person and circumstance that reinforced our deepest beliefs and feelings about ourselves from infancy on, we can find the courage to forgive, for what is there to forgive when we are the creator who created it all?
Even those who may have harmed us physically taking the lives of those we loved can be forgiven when one understands how irrelevant the body is and that we will one day return to continue on. The work of being physical is to continuously feel the impact of what we manifest and to reflect upon what in us created it. Once we understand how we have created our reality, we can than change it by changing the fundamental beliefs that are generating our life experience. Since it is belief that creates reality, this resonance change will attract something new.
Do we want to remain victims of a world we did not create? Or would we rather ascend into our higher selves so that we can create a wondrous world of love and power? All the evil that you see in the world is merely a reflection of our collective negative ego. When we, as a global consciousness, choose to dismantle our negative ego, refusing to listen to its voice, whoever and whatever personifies that ego for us-the government, giant corporations, your boss, or an alien force-will simply melt exactly like the wicked witch of the west. When personified ego melts the sun will come out from behind the clouds and the munchkins will sing in a land beyond the rainbow. We will finally remember that we always did have the power to come home. We wear that power on our feet as ruby slippers that unerringly know the way. Choose your negative ego and you will wander into the dark woods for who knows how long and experience every kind of dark and disgusting thing. Choose love and you will discover a power within you that can move mountains and create miracles. When we all choose to create love together there is no end to the positive changes that we can create for our world. The decision has always been ours to make.