Oxygen for Health

The foundation of all life is oxygen. Without oxygen we “expire” within three minutes. Because oxygen catalyzes all the functions of the body, without it we die. This is why Dr. Majid Ali created the Oxygen Model of Disease. He believes that the “origin of all diseases can be ultimately traced to oxygen-related molecular and cellular injury”, which he calls “dysox”.  Since lack of oxygen can kill us in a few short minutes, doesn’t it also stand to reason that having an insufficient supply of it could kill us slowly over time, and that this dysfunction could be expressed in many different forms depending on which organs and systems were the most affected by it?

Oxygen is the Body’s Primary Detergent

To understand why this might be so, one must understand oxygen’s primary function. According to Dr. Ali, the primary function of oxygen is to act as a detergent. In other words, because it activates all of the detoxification systems in the body, without sufficient oxygen we can’t efficiently detoxify our bodies. Not only does oxygen detoxify us directly by causing each freshly oxygenated cell to instantly release its waste products into the veins to be exhaled and taken to the appropriate places within the body to be processed and excreted, it does this indirectly by activating other detoxification systems to do their work. For example, oxygen creates hydrogen peroxides and nitric oxide to disinfect the body. It then activates glutathione and other sulfur compounds to help the liver do its work. Oxygen also activates enzymes which can not only digest parasites, bacteria, and cancer, but also cellular grease. Every cell in our body naturally produces toxic waste. Dr. Majid Ali calls this toxic waste “cellular grease”. According to him, cellular grease is naturally made up of sticky sugars, rancid fats, pulped proteins, metabolic waste, cellular debris, advanced glycation end products, peroxidized fats, and other things. Added to this normal waste is all the toxins we are taking in from food, air, and water. Since the hydrogenated fats found in many processed foods can’t be metabolized, these fats become part of the cellular grease that covers every cell in the body, as does cortisol that is excreted when we are worried, stressed-out and can’t sleep. Because oxygen keeps the detoxification pathways open, it stands to reason that insufficient oxygen would create insufficient waste disposal.

Oxygen’s Three Legged Throne

oxygen's 3 legged throneDr. Ali states that “oxygen is king”, and that it sits on a “three legged throne”, and that when any one leg is threatened, the other two are affected. Besides acting as a detergent for every cell in the body, oxygen’s three primary functions are to:

  1. Determine the acid/alkaline balance. It is important that the body maintain an optimal ph level of around 7.4. Oxygen is alkaline and the natural waste products of the cells are acid. The acid/alkaline balance is maintained when we are sufficiently oxygenated and the cellular waste is efficiently removed in a timely manner via the body’s detoxification systems. The body only becomes acidic when it can no longer cleanse itself of its toxic load. Because of the overuse of antibiotics and other factors, the ecological balance within our guts has been compromised in the same way that the soil in a farmer’s field has been compromised by the herbicides and pesticides he constantly puts on it. The candida, mold, bacteria, and parasites that naturally live within us as part of our incredibly complex digestive ecosystem are no longer balanced with the good bacteria (called probiotics) that are designed to keep them under control. Once the gut is compromised, we no longer digest our food adequately, which then leads to insufficient nutrition. It also leads to leaky gut syndrome. These out-of-control bacteria produce waste products that are also highly acidic. This acidic waste is added to the acidic environmental toxins that have entered the gut along with our food and water. Without sufficient oxygen and nutrients to drive the various detoxification systems, the body cannot maintain an optimal acid/alkaline balance. When the body becomes acidic it becomes a perfect host for other acid-loving microbes, viruses and bacteria, as well as cancer.
  2.  Oxygen also regulates the oxidant, antioxidant functions of the body. Not only does oxygen keep the body alive, it also destroys it by breaking it down through oxidation. Oxidation is what spoils food and turns butter rancid. Without oxidation nothing on earth would rot. However, oxidization also breaks down food so that it can be digested, as well as oxidizes poison. Therefore, oxidation is neither good nor bad, but a necessary aspect of life on earth. To deal with the oxidation problem, humans must ingest a class of vitamins that have come to be known as antioxidants, which literally means anti-oxygen. Antioxidants reverse the effects of oxidation. By ingesting antioxidants nutrients like like vitamins C and E, we can slow down the aging process and shield ourselves from disease. Therefore, the body not only oxygenates the body so that it can maintained, and breaks it down when it is sick and dying, nature also provides the perfect solution for keeping the whole process in balance. People who are highly toxic are acidic. These acid wastes produce a lot of free radical damage. Without a healthy supply of antioxidants, the body cannot cleanse itself.  
  3. Oxygen also determines the clotting and unclotting function of the blood. According to Dr. Ali, “bodily fluids clot and unclot all the time.  Just as a drop of lemon curdles milk, excess acids curdle blood, lymph, and other bodily fluids. In the body cholesterol also becomes oxidized and thickens blood. So both excess acids and free radical activity increase thickening and clotting of the blood and other bodily fluids.” When the body is fully oxygenated, it unclots these clots using hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide before they do any damage. He calls this the clotting, unclotting equilibrium, which is the third leg of oxygen’s three legged throne. If these little clots are not unclotted they go into the tiny capillaries where they create small blockages that prevent the oxygenation of cells the capillaries were designed to serve.

It is oxygen that keeps these three systems in balance. When out of balance the body becomes acidic, lacks sufficient antioxidants to prevent  aging, and produces small blood clots which inhibit cellular oxygenation and detoxification. As this state of affairs goes on year after year, the body begins to age and disease sets in. The toxic conditions in the body turn on recessive genes for cancer, Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s, etc. The more toxic we are, the quicker we age and the sicker we get. The oxygen model of aging and disease simplifies biological functions that would otherwise be overwhelmingly complex. It allows us to understand that there are not hundreds of causes of disease, but only one. Simply put, without sufficient oxygen the body cannot detoxify itself, which ultimately affects every cell and organ in the body. In this day and age when the planet has become so toxic that we are killing off whole species of plants and animals at an alarming rate of speed, the reason why there is an upward spiral of all degenerative disease and an acceleration of the aging process becomes obvious. If we don’t change this scenario, it may only be a matter of time before humans put themselves onto the endangered species list.

70% of Our Immune System is in the Digestive Tract

70% of our immune system reside within the pyres patches that exist within the digestive tract. Once our intestines cover over with cellular grease, these cells are smothered. This is the cause of autoimmune disease. In addition, once the cells are covered with grease the mitochondria produce less ATP than most people need. This translates into less energy. Without adequate energy we feel tired and fatigued. This is called chronic fatigue syndrome. The cellular grease created out of toxic waste also deteriorates the gut lining, which leads to leaky gut syndrome. As undigested food proteins and cellular grease leak into the blood stream, the body sends antibodies to attack it. This becomes the cause of food sensitivities that create inflammation. The toxic waste of molds and candida, as well as certain heavy metals that entered the body via herbicides and pesticides in food, as well as tiny amounts of mercury from our amalgams that is swallow when we eat our food, attach to, and poison the nerve endings. It then crosses the blood/brain barrier to poison the brain. This produces mental illness, autism, MS, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, and all the rest. Without sufficient oxygen, glutathione can’t do its work to help the liver detoxify the blood, which means that the toxins either clog up the liver or get recycled.  Cellular grease also covers the receptor sites for hormones and neurotransmitters. Their receptor sites also get covered over with cellular grease. This causes them to change their shape. Since both hormones and neurotransmitters fit into their receptor sites like a key in a lock, once they change shape, the hormones and neurotransmitters can no longer enter them. When this happens, even though the body may make plenty of them, the hormones, and neurotransmitters can’t do the job they were designed to do. This creates every kind of hormonal problem there is, as well as every kind of mental illness. Because 70% of the immune system is in the gut, when the gut lining is covered over with grease, it can’t do its job. The end result is autoimmune disease, or a body that seems to be attacking itself.

The Cause and Cure for Disease

Are you beginning to understand why dysfunctional oxygen metabolism is at the core of all disease, and why it is being exacerbated by the overuse of antibiotics and environmental toxins, heavy metals, and industrial chemicals that the body can no longer detoxify?  And are you also beginning to understand why this needs to be rectified if one is to reverse whatever disease state they’ve got? There is only one cause and one cure for all disease. The cause is dysox, the cure is reoxygenation. However, to fully reoxygenate the body and cure disease, we must concomitantly rid the body of the cellular grease that is suffocating the cells. To do this, three other things are needed:

  1. We must eat a diet that is rich in antioxidants so that we have plenty of them to scavenge free radicals. In addition, oxygen exists in all green foods in the form of chlorophyll.
  2. We must eat a diet that is rich in sulfur-containing compounds, such as those found in garlic, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, leeks, etc., which will help the liver do its work of detoxification. In addition, high quality whey protein powder is full ox glutathione.
  3. Because we have decimated the gut of probiotics, we must also eat probiotic-rich foods to repopulate it. Plain yogurt, kefir, sourkrout, kimchee, and kombucha are all rich in probiotics.  Balancing gut flora is a time consuming process that takes education and perseverance to achieve.
  4. We must deal with fermentation in the mind.

Efficient Detoxification

Everything is a balancing act, and once out of balance it takes time and effort to restore the natural order of things. Because oxygen is a regulator, when we both flood the body with oxygen and give it the nutrients it needs to quench free radicals, improve liver function, and restore gut ecology, it begins to efficiently detoxify itself. Tiny clots are unclotted before they plug up the capillaries. Sufficient probiotics can then do the work of bringing balance back into gut ecology. When balance is brought back into the body and the organs are repairing themselves, not because of a drug we’ve taken, but because they are given all the natural ingredients needed to produce balance and homeostasis, infections like Lyme disease and Epstein bar will become a thing of the past. That’s because, without grease in the gut the immune system will be free to do the job it is supposed to do and the oxygen-driven enzymes will gobble up the disease-producing bacteria and viruses that cause disease. Cleansing the bowel and detoxifying the liver is an essential part of the process. Degreasing the gut and killing the candida decreases inflammation and ends leaky gut syndrome. It allows receptor sites to return to their original shape and design so that their hormones and neurotransmitters can dock. It allows the immune system to do the job it was meant to do. It keeps toxins from flooding into the blood stream and poisoning the nerves and brain.  In short, when you cleanse the bowel of candida, mold, and cellular grease, and detoxify the body of environmental toxins, heavy metals, and industrial chemicals, and reoxygenate the body with life- giving oxygen, you can reverse the aging process, which means that the disease created by oxidation and aging will reverse itself unless the disease state is too advanced, and who has the right to say when that is?

Oxygen Solutions

Ozone infusions are the most inexpensive and potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory therapies that exist. They also improve neuropathy and increase your chances of reversing cancer. Cancer, which is an acid loving, sugar loving, and oxygen hating disease loves the toxic conditions in the body, which provide it with the perfect environment for it to flourish. By detoxifying the body, flooding it with oxygen, and rejuvenating it with healthy antioxidant and sulfur-rich foods one returns it to its original pristine condition that was present at one’s birth.

Fructose is in all sugar, honey, fruit, berries, melons, and sweet vegetables like carrots, beets, peas, sweet potatoes, and onions. In short, it is in everything that is sweet. Gluten is in wheat, oats, rye, and barley. Milk is in ice cream. Once you remove all that from your diet, all that will be left to eat are vegetables, a few non-gluten grains, beans, fish, foul, meat, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, and kefir. In order to repopulate the gut with probiotics one must eat a lot of fermented foods, for there are a lot more probiotics in food than in pills.

Of course, it goes without saying that you will also, to the best of your ability, eliminate all other sources of toxins, which means no processed foods, fake sugars, or non-organic produce. Also no alcohol, which is toxic to the liver, and turns into sugar, and no smoking anything, which creates free radical damage. You don’t have to do this forever, only until your body returns to health. However, because the body will always be vulnerable to the insults of dysoxegenosis and environmental toxins, limiting sugar and other toxins will be the key to living a long, healthy life.

According to Dr. Ali the simplest strategies to cleanse both the bowel and liver, and to reoxygenate the body are hydrogen peroxide foot soaks and baths, and castor oil rubs. To do the foot soaks, you will need 3% hydrogen peroxide and Epsom salts. For a foot soak you will need a small tub. Fill with comfortably hot water, add a half teaspoon of Epsom salt, and at least a  cup or more of hydrogen peroxide. The more you hydrogen peroxide you use, the more oxygen you get. Soak your feet for 20 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide is a form of activated oxygen. When it absorbs into the skin of the feet it immediately oxygenates the cells. This should be done at least twice a day when you are sick then a few times a week for maintenance when well.

For more serious conditions like cancer, a total bath is actually more effective than a foot soak, but a bit more costly. Fill bath tub with comfortably hot water, 2 teaspoons Epsom salt, and a quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Five minutes later add another quart, and a few minutes after that another. Soak for as long as you’d like. You will be able to feel the oxygen working right away. Hydrogen peroxide, as well as the foot-size tub, can be inexpensively purchased by the quart at the Dollar store. Therefore, the foot soaks cost about .50 cents a soak or $1.00 a day. The baths cost $3.00 a day.

Castor oil rubs degrease the gut and act as a cellular detergent, lifting the grease out of the cells. Simply rub a thin layer of it all over the abdomen including the stomach, intestines and liver. Then spend a few minutes massaging it in, either manually with your hand, or with a hand-held vibrator. You can then cover it with a dry wash cloth, fix it to your body with an ACE bandage, put on your shirt and then go about your day. If you are experiencing a lot of inflammation in the form of stomach bloating and gas, the castor oil will gradually take down the inflammation and take away much of the pain if you are also eliminating toxic food from your diet. You can do a castor oil rub twice a day, morning and evening, or all day long if you want to, to soothe a spastic colon or bad stomachache. You can also use a heating pad to help the castor oil soak in and give further pain relief.  I usually do the castor oil with a heating pad after I get into bed at night and, if I have time, before I get out of bed in the morning. If my stomach hurts during the day, I will then do the rubs every couple of hours all day long. I have found this to rapidly reduce stomach pain.

Dr. Ali also advises doing a special form of breathing that he calls “feather breathing, or limbic breathing”. He named it that because he visualized exhaling in such a way that a wispy feather, like the kind you’d find in a feather duster, would remain unmoved. Inhale naturally, than exhale slowly with pauses. This allows the oxygen to remain in the body for a longer period of time, which allows the body to receive 5% more oxygen.

To kill the candida, which is a mold toxin, Dr. Ali advises low-dose Nystatin for several months, plus anti-fungal herbs like pau d’ arco, echnicacea, or oil of oregano. As it is a prescription drug, you will have to ask your doctor for it, but with a little creative searching you can find it on the web without one. I did.

Dr. Ali also prescribes his “breakfast”, which is designed to detoxify the liver and feed the brain. To 16 ounces of organic vegetable juice, add an equal amount of water. Then add protein powder, 2 tablespoons of granular lecithin, and 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed. Blend it together. Drink throughout the day.

Though to my knowledge, Dr. Ali does not mention this, an additional strategy for oxygenating the body is EWOT. EWOT stands for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy. While exercising, one inhales oxygen that comes from an oxygen concentrator. A special mask must be worn for this procedure, not just a simple canula with the two prongs that go up the nose that sick people wear. That’s because one tends to breathe through their mouth during strenuous exercise.  Though more expensive than any of Dr. Ali’s suggestions, EWOT is excellent for getting the little blood clots and other toxins out of the capillaries. It is a great addition for older people who tend to be more “clogged up” than younger ones who may not need it. Dr.  Theodore says that EWOT is the best anti-aging therapy available.

If you want to set up EWOT at home all you need to do is buy a refurbished oxygen concentrator that puts out 10 liters of oxygen per minute (lpm) and the special EWOT mask. Any kind of exercise will do. Most people use an exercycle or treadmill while doing EWOT, but I love my rebounder, which works very well. You can also use it while doing jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups and lifting weights – anything that makes your heart beat faster will do. Refurbished oxygen concentrators can be purchased on the web. To buy a new concentrator, one must have a prescription from a doctor who has decided that you are sick enough to need one. Live O2 concentrates oxygen in a gigantic bag, which one breathes while exercising. This allows one to breathe in oxygen at 20 lpm, giving one phenomenal anti-aging results.

Though I do not have experience with this, one can also purchase an ozone sauna. Ozone is similar to oxygen and has the same effect upon the body. Whereas oxygen has 2 oxygen atoms, ozone has 3. According to Dr. Theodore, the extra oxygen atom makes ozone very unstable. When ozone comes into contact with a virus, its extra oxygen molecule  immediately disrupts the cell wall, which causes it to the cell to rupture. Dr. Theodore says that ozone can kill almost any virus, including HIV. It also kills bacteria and parasites. Ozone sauna’s not only detoxify the body, they are also supposed to kill Lyme disease and other infections.

I suspect that you could do something similar by using a regular portable sauna and doing a hydrogen peroxide foot soak simultaneously. Not only will you detoxify via sweating, hydrogen peroxide also detoxifies the cells by oxygenating them. A great combination and definitely an inexpensive solution to many health problems!

According to Dr. Theodore, ozone therapy has many benefits. It increases organ and cellular oxygenation, removes cholesterol and heavy metals from the blood and body, enhances nitric oxide production, which dilates the arteries and lowers blood pressure, boosts the cellular antioxidant defense system, improves blood flow to the brain for enhanced memory and learning, improves blood flow to the liver and kidneys, which increases detoxification, and boosts blood flow to the sexual organs for improved performance. There are many different kinds of ozone therapy: rectal, vaginal, and ear insufflation, minor and major auto-hemotherapy, and whole body ozone therapy. In whole body therapy, one’s entire blood supply runs through a machine that ozonates it and then puts it back into the body. This filters out all waste pr0ducts, excess fats and cholesterol, urea, creatinin, heavy metals, and aluminum. This procedure is used to treat a variety of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and cancer, among others.

Ozonated water is the cheap way to get ozone into the body. It does many of the same things mentioned above, but its effects are slower and it takes longer. Ozonated water is part of the Bob Beck Protocol for healing cancer and aids. It includes a blood electrification device, a magnetic resonance device, ozonated water, and a brain tuner.

The most important aspect of healing is the one that the fewest people talk about. It is the mind. Because we have all been misinformed about what healing is and how to do it, all of us need to be reeducated. Oxygen and ozone therapy cost pennies compared to chemotherapy or long-term drug use, so we can’t expect the people who profit from these therapies to tell us about the importance of oxygenating the body. Only doctors who think outside the box of allopathic medicine know about nutritional healing. The rest have been taught to believe that diet plays no part in health or disease. Although ludicrous, most doctors have swallowed this nonsense hook, line, and sinker. Consequently, it is up to each individual to re-educate themselves so that they can become their own physician. Once reeducated, knowledge becomes power, but only when you act decisively upon what you know.

The most difficult part of natural healing is in changing lifelong dietary habits. This often activates the less mature parts of oneself who feels deprived of  customary sweets and treats. Just as with alcohol and cigarettes, or any other drug for that matter, there is a very real withdrawal process that the body goes through when trying to quit lifelong habits. This withdrawal is both emotional and physical. Generally, addictive substances like sugar, alcohol and other drugs are used as a coping device. They fill an emptiness within, often literally, but always symbolically. The emptiness it fills is the place where spirit abides. Those who do not have an intimate relationship with their higher power will always feel a bit lonely and afraid, and though they may cover their fear and loneliness over with a chemical substances, those substances won’t make the feeling go away. The only way to fill that emptiness is by coming to understand who you really are. As a divine child of a loving creator, you are a cherished part of the whole. It is our secular, dehumanizing belief system that has taken this knowledge away from us. People who do not understand their own value will lack the will to fully heal themselves by changing their lifestyle and doing what it takes to change. Because natural healing is a lot of work and requires total commitment you must connect to the  God inside yourself to accomplish it. This aspect of you has the capacity to move mountains.  However, until you resonate with that part of you that is divine, it will seem as though this part is absent.

No physical therapy in the world can heal a broken heart. Our heart breaks when we feel that we have no value and that no one loves us. The only thing that can heal that is your spiritual relationship with your higher power, also called the higher self or the Christ self, it makes no difference. Love is still love.

There are many paths that lead to the same goal. Because we are all as unique as snowflakes, no one path works for everyone. When it comes to diet, beware of anyone who tells you that there is only one right way. Some people have digestive issues that make it impossible for them to eat all raw, or for them to consume the massive amounts of vegetable juices and water that it takes to heal cancer. Their stomach just can’t handle it. By following the guidance of your higher self, you will find the way that works best for you. Know that LOVE is real and that LOVE is in you. It is this LOVE that will do the healing by guiding you and encouraging you to find a better way. 


Susan Vaughn, MA, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist, spiritual consultant, channel, hypnotherapist, health educator and detoxification coach who specializes in detoxification of the mind, body, and spirit. Her expertise is in reality creation and conscious evolution. For more information call (707) 268-0312, or email her at SMCVaughn@gmail.com.

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