Bowel and Body Detox with Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay has been used by indigenous people all over the planet for thousands of years for the purpose of detoxifying the digestive tract after ingesting poisonous herbs and foods. It can be taken either internally or rubbed on the skin to magnetically draw out toxins from any part of the body. Having a negative charge, bentonite clay attaches to chemicals, heavy metals, and pharmaceutical drugs, all of which have a positive charge. There is also some evidence that bentonite clay has an affinity for certain pathogens and microbes that inhabit the digestive tract. If the heavy metals happen to be from chemtrails, or from radioactive fallout from Fukushima, it will attach to these as well.

Bentonite clay not only attracts and absorbs toxins due to its negative charge, it also adsorbs them. Under a microscope, it can be seen that bentonite clay has thousands of tiny pockets that trap toxins. This is called adsorption. It holds on to the toxins until they are removed from the digestive tract via one’s elimination. In a world that is being polluted by radioactive fallout from Fukushima, and by the billions of tons of aluminum, heavy metals, chemicals, and other bacteria, viruses,  and fungus that are found in Chemtrail Fallout that are being sprayed daily all over the planet, it does an excellent job of protecting us from these pollutants.

Bentonite Clay is a Fine Volcanic Ash

You might be horrified at the thought of eating “dirt”, but technically speaking bentonite clay is far from the biologically alive stuff that we know of as our soil. Bentonite clay is actually a form of volcanic ash that was purified of all organic matter at the time of the blast when all microorganisms and plant matter within it were instantly incinerated during the eruption. The ultrapure stuff under the surface of the earth is considered food grade and can be taken internally, either as hydrated clay or by the tablespoonful, which is stirred into a glass of water before drinking. Hydrated clay is simply clay that has soaked in water overnight. After a few hours it puffs up until it is the consistency of toothpaste. The recipe for hydrating food grade calcium bentonite clay is one quarter cup clay to two cups of water. Sodium bentonite clay gets much thicker so more water must be used. Both kinds of clay work equally well for internal and external cleansing.

Sometimes food grade clay is called edible earth. If you decide to ingest clay, be sure it is meant for this purpose. To find dozens of sites where it can be purchased over the Internet, simply put edible clay into the search engine. Prices vary greatly so it is good to shop around. I have placed links to my favorite sources at the end of this article.

Edible Clay Remineralizes the Body

Edible clay is full of minerals. Some websites claim that these minerals can be absorbed into the body and will therefore heal any disease, such as osteoporosis, that is caused by mineral deficiency. However, Perry A., at, says that the minerals in most bentonite clays are not in a form that can be absorbed by the body. The only exception to this is a product called Terramin, which was formed during a hydro-thermal process that allowed minerals to be deposited into the clay. After NASA studied the properties of this Red Desert Clay, it prescribed it to the astronauts so they wouldn’t get osteoporosis on long space flights. It has many unique properties that other calcium bentonite clays do not have. However, even if other bentonite clays do not have absorbable minerals in them, they will still help you remineralize your body. That is because all cells have molecules, called receptor sites, that allow specific substances to enter into it. Because heavy metals and minerals are chemically similar in nature, heavy metals will often bind to the receptor sites for minerals. Once they do, the minerals we need to sustain life can’t be absorbed by the body, for there is simply no room for them. Bentonite clay does the body a great favor when it removes them. A sufficiently mineralized body is well defended against radioactive fallout and heavy metals. Without a docking station, the heavy metals simply pass through. However, because of chemical fertilizers, it is very difficult for our bodies to be sufficiently mineralized, for our soils are deficient in them, especially magnesium.

Instructions for Dosing

Most websites recommended dose for internal use is between two to four ounces of hydrated clay per day in divided doses on an empty stomach. You can take a heaping tablespoon of dry clay in water or juice on an empty stomach morning and evening if you’d rather take your clay this way. However, Donna Pessin at, says that much more can be taken because it can’t harm you. How much you take on a daily basis is dependent on how fast you want to heal. She says that if you take 8 tablespoons of dry clay stirred into water or juice a day, in divided doses, you will heal much faster than if you take 4.  However, as with all healing protocols, the caveat is to start low and build slow, for your body needs to get used to it. If you feel wary of eating clay, start with only a teaspoon on an empty stomach and then build up from there over several days or weeks until you reach a therapeutic level that is right for you. Because bentonite clay attaches to heavy metals and other toxins, it can cause a Herxheimer or healing reaction. This means it can temporarily make you feel sicker as the toxins are removed. Going slow prevents this from happening.

In addition, one of the audio recordings I listened to on clay said it is activated by ascorbic acid, which can be found in citrus fruit. To make the clay water more palatable, you will probably have to doctor it up a bit by either putting it in juice or a smoothie. Clay can also be put directly into food. There are many recipes that include clay at One of my favorite ways to eat it is by adding a spoonful of dry clay to my oatmeal water before I add the oats. Once I’ve puts the nuts and raisins in, I can’t even taste it in the finished product.

How exactly does clay work to heal your digestive tract? There is quite a science behind this and I highly recommend Donna Pessin’s website and her two books Unique Healing and Unique Healing 2 to find out more  details. and are also full of information about how clay heals the digestive tract. The gist of it, however, is this: our guts are sick because humanity has created probiotic genocide. To find out how, please see my previous blog post Health Begins in the Bowel at It is our probiotics that digest our food, absorb our nutrients, and then produce our ability to easily eliminate firm, well-formed stools once or twice a day. In order to do this effectively, we need to have billions of healthy bacteria working in synergy to produce what we call vibrant mental and physical health. The less probiotics we have in our gut, the sicker we feel. Chronic constipation and IBS, which aren’t considered harmful diseases, are both caused by a limited supply of probiotics in the gut. Crohn’s disease, on the other hand, which is potentially lethal, is caused by the same thing. However, people with Crohn’s disease have far fewer probiotics in their gut than people with IBS or simple constipation. It is only a matter of degree.

The sad fact is that most digestive and brain disorders that plague our modern day society have been caused by probiotic genocide. Most, if not all, of our degenerative diseases, including cancer, are also rooted in a poorly functioning bowel. As I have done care providing for years, I can attest to the fact that the sicker someone is, the poorer their bowel functions. In fact, elderly people are notorious for having chronic constipation. That is because the calamities of living life have killed their probiotics over time.

Once we disturb the ecological balance of probiotics in the gut, it becomes “leaky”. Leaky gut syndrome is a fancy term for microscopic holes in the digestive tract that cause bloating, gas, cramps, food sensitivities, and multiple aches and pains. The belief is that these holes allow undigested food proteins to be absorbed into the blood stream where they can then be circulated all over the body as a form of poison. When they circulate into the brain of an infant or young child, they may create a host of symptoms that are diagnosed as ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, autism, Tourette’s, learning and behavioral disorders, etc. In an adult these symptoms turn into depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addictive cravings, and so forth. When these poisons land in your heart, your symptoms may be called heart disease, or if in your joints, your symptoms may be called arthritis. If toxins attach to your nerves, you may develop a nervous system disorder like Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s. In fact, all symptoms of food sensitivity and/or candida overgrowth are the effects of probiotic genocide. See my previous blog post Health Begins in the Bowel to discover what these many and varied symptoms are.

In addition, parasites, molds, and bad bacteria begin to proliferate in our disturbed ecology. All parasites produce acidic toxic waste products. Because parasites thrive in an acidic, polluted environment, they thrive in a gut which has a disturbed bacterial biome. Due to leaky gut syndrome, their toxic waste will also enter the blood stream to be circulated throughout the body. As blood becomes more and more polluted, parasites begin to thrive in the blood stream. The sicker we become, the more there is. When we die, our bodies are overwhelmed with bacteria and parasites that eventually devour our flesh. I think it safe to say that this process actually begins before we take our last breath. It is quite literally bacteria living within us and on us that either keeps us healthy or makes us sick. When we disturb the ecological balance, we will always pay the price.

Billions of Probiotics Needed to Heal

It is important to note that bentonite clay will not cause you to grow more probiotics in your gut. This means that it, alone, will not heal you. However, it is a very positive and powerful adjunctive therapy that will detoxify your digestive tract while you work on growing the probiotics you need for overall health.

There are two and only two ways to increase gut probiotics. The first way is to increase the amount of probiotics in the gut by either taking a LOT of probiotic pills (12 to 15 a day) that have high concentrations of good bacteria in them, or according to Dr. Natasha McBride of the Gaps Diet, and Dr. Donna Gates of the Body Ecology Diet, you can get your probiotics by eating a LOT of homemade feremented foods on a daily basis. Either way, it will take one to three years of persistence to heal the gut using this method. Of course, you can also do both. Homemade fermented foods have their own natural supply of the probiotics that have inhabited our guts for thousands of years.

Why do you need to focus so heavily on taking a LOT of pills and/or eating a LOT of homemade fermented foods? It is simply because billions of bacteria take a long time to regenerate. Once the bowel bacteria are imbalanced, unhealthy bacteria and fungus like candida proliferate, making it difficult for the good bacteria to reestablish themselves. By continuously flooding your digestive tract with the good stuff for a long enough period of time,  your body will eventually balance itself out again.

The second way to regenerate your probiotics is to kill the bad stuff. Dr. Majid Ali of, says that this can be done by taking a long, low, slow dose of Nystatin. This, also, must be taken over several months for it to have the desired effect. Dr. Ali says that Nystatin is a safe anti-fungal drug that kills candida. Because it does not absorb into the body it almost never causes side-effects. It merely kills fungus in your mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, colon, and vagina, and then exits. A long, low, slow dose means to start out by taking two pills of Nystatin a day, one in the morning and one in the evening for two weeks. Then take only one a day for the next month or two. After that do one every other day for a month or two, then one every third day for two or three months, etc. You must continue this regimen for a long time at ever decreasing doses for it to be effective, perhaps only taking one or two pills a week for several months in the end. In killing the candida, you create the environment that allows your probiotics to multiply, especially if you feed your gut lots of fermented foods while doing so. If you stop the Nystatin too soon, the candida will simply grow back. However, once you notice your symptoms coming back, simply start taking it again until the job is complete.

Donna Pessin of has a different approach. She says that healing the gut can be accomplished by taking specific antimicrobial herbs, along with coloidal silver, over a one to three year period. The herbs she recommends are berberine, grapefruit seed extract, gentian root, black walnut hulls, goldenseal, quassia bark, sweet wormwood, and garlic, which she has formulated into a product called Bowel Strength. For a therapeutic dose, one must take 12 or more capsules a day.  She claims that the herbs and colloidal silver work faster than probiotic pills when it comes to healing the gut.

Because that quantity of Bowel Strength is expensive, you can also buy the herbs online in bulk if you want to keep your expenses down. See the label on Bowel Strength to determine the ratio and amount of herbs if you decide to make the product yourself.  If you do decide to buy bulk herbs, they should be powdered extracts. Also, be aware that, unless you want to capsule the herbs yourself, you will need to take them by the teaspoonful in water, juice, or smoothie, which means that you will have to deal with how they taste. Because the herbs in Bowel Strength are encapsulated, taste won’t be an issue if you buy this product.

The author of, which is an extensive website on clay use, states that one should never use herbs and clay at the same time as one weakens the other. Rather, it is more advantageous to use the herbs separately from the clay at different times during the day.

Please note that Dr. Ali, Donna Pessin, and Dr. Natasha McBride all say that it takes one to three years to heal a sick gut. The sicker it is the longer it takes. If you stop your protocol of choice too soon, all of your symptoms will return and you will have to start over again.

Only an Alkaline Body Heals

So where does bentonite clay come into this? Bentonite clay does two things. First, as already mentioned, it detoxifies the digestive tract of all the heavy metals (including radioactive ones) and chemicals that don’t belong there and that create disease symptoms all over the body. Because it is so good at removing toxins, one should not use bentonite clay if they are taking pharmaceuticals like Nystatin, as they will become less effective once the clay neutralizes them. An alternative is to take the clay and pharmaceuticals a couple of hours apart. You should check with your doctor to see if this is appropriate for you. Besides detoxification, another amazing thing that clay does is remove acids from the body by forming them into stools so that they can be eliminated through your bowel movements.

That brings us to another topic that is extremely important to understand in the elimination of all disease. An acidic body promotes all diseases including cancer. Our body becomes acidic when we eat the Standard American Diet that is full of refined sugar, food additives, and anti-nutrients like preservatives and natural flavor. Meat and other animal products are also acidic, but so are all the chemicals, aluminum, and heavy metals that we are breathing into our lungs because of Chemtrail and radioactive Fallout. The more acidic we become the sicker we feel. The sicker we feel the less efficient is our digestive tract at removing acids.

Our body must maintain an acid/alkaline balance. When our blood becomes too acidic, it steels calcium from our bones to buffer the acid. It also creates more cholesterol for the same purpose. Because oxygen also buffers acids, we become oxygen depleted as a result.  According to Dr. Ali, dysoxygenosis, or dysfunctional oxygen metabolism, is implicated in many diseases. Acidic waste is a normal aspect of cell metabolism. Through the process of metabolism, these acidic waste products go into the blood stream, which deposits it into the digestive tract. When our digestive tract doesn’t function properly, it doesn’t form these acids into stools that are eliminated in a timely fashion, which is what happens when we are chronically constipated. Because there is no time to form acid into a stool during chronic diarrhea, very little acid gets released from the body if you have this condition either. The un-eliminated acids then get quickly reabsorbed back into the blood stream where they are transported to the organs for storage.  Because we are adding so many extra acids into the body via our poor diet and pollution, there is no possible way that an unhealthy digestive tract can eliminate them without outside assistance.

In addition, it is possible to have an unhealthy gut even if we eat a good diet. That is because many people inherit poor digestive function and a low level of probiotics at birth. How and why this occurs is also explained in my post Health Begins in the Bowel. When this is the case, one might have a leaky gut even if their elimination is good. In this case, it is one’s symptoms of either food sensitivity or candida, which are almost identical, that will tell you what is going on. In short, if you suffer from ill health, know that you will steadily become more acidic even if you eat a healthy alkaline diet, and that the cause may lie in an inadequate supply of probiotics within the digestive tract. In other words, unless you include eating a LOT of probiotic-rich foods in your diet, a healthy diet alone won’t be enough to  heal you.

The more clay one takes internally, the more acids that will be eliminated. That is why it is good to take a relatively high dose of bentonite clay on a regular basis for one to three years depending on the severity of your condition. In time, acids that have been stored in your organs will make their way into the digestive tract for elimination. When all the acids are removed, the body will become alkaline and begin the healing process. In fact, you will start to feel better in a few weeks. However, if you stop the protocol short of your goal, your body will quickly revert back to its former symptomology. In this context, bentonite clay is only a crutch, but because it eliminates toxins and forms acid into stools, it is an extremely valuable one that should be part of any good gut healing protocol. However, if you decide to use Nystatin, take it two hours before or after the clay.

Skeptical of Clay’s Safety?

It is natural to be skeptical of drinking clay water. I have listened to enough audio recordings, read enough books, and read enough websites to be satisfied that it is safe. However, we live in a world where deception is the name of the game when it comes to selling products that increase the sellers revenue, so I suggest you do your own research. Listed below are sources that seem credible to me, but as always, the choice of whether or not to eat clay is up to you, especially if you have had a negative reaction from your food grade clay. However, remember that clay stirs up toxins, which may mean that you are having a detoxification reaction. In this case, stop or reduce clay usage for a period of time before increasing it again.


Dealing With Constipation

As your body is healing, it will go through several stages. If you are already constipated it will seem as if the bentonite clay makes you more constipated. If you have diarrhea, you will pass through a stage of becoming constipated. Although bentonite clay does not constipate you, this can be quite disconcerting. Being an inert substance that isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream, bentonite clay cannot create any chemical reactions in the body. Therefore, it can’t produce symptoms. When you experience a symptom such as constipation, it is because you have an unhealthy digestive tract that is low in probiotics. The clay merely adds bulk that an unhealthy digestive tract has a difficult time dealing with. Donna Pessin of, says that the constipation phase of healing is actually a good one. It simply means that the products you are taking are working.

To deal with the discomfort of constipation, Donna Pessin recommends using magnesium citrate, which is a natural laxative, up to 1500 milligrams in the evening before bedtime. As usual, start low and build slowly until you reach the appropriate level for your condition. Too much magnesium citrate will give you diarrhea. Too little won’t adequately do the job. You may need to take your magnesium in divided doses morning and evening. Although it will make you feel better, magnesium citrate is only a crutch that won’t heal you. The only thing that will heal your bowel is billions of probiotics that happily digest your food, absorb your nutrients, and eliminate your well-formed stools.

Healing is an Act of Revolution

I discovered bentonite clay while searching for a way to detoxify the Fukushima radiation that is making the Pacific Ocean into a graveyard. Since I live on the coast of California, I recognize that it is only a matter of time before it will begin to affect human health in a very profound way. Though there is nothing I can do about the sociopaths that are destroying our planet with their toxins, I believe that I do not have to be victimized by their actions. Because, in this world, physical, mental, and emotional healing is an act of revolution, I intend to do all that I can to maintain my health in these unbelievably toxic times by doing what it takes to detoxify. Therefore, because I live in a high chemtrail spray area, as well as in a high radioactive fallout area, in addition to drinking clay water, I also rub it on my skin and let it dry. As it dries, it magnetically attracts toxins, which exit my body via the skin. My favorite way to do this is to rub prehydrated clay all over my body, and then sit in my warm and cozy portable infrared sauna for at least 30 minutes. Not only does sweating pull out toxins, including the radioactive kind, the magnetic clay accentuates the process. Sometimes clay rubs will give me a temporary itchy rash, which is a Herxheimer reaction caused by the toxins as they pass through my skin.

Soaking in clay water in the form of a bath is also good. However, since you have to put two to 20 cups of dry clay into the bathwater for an effective detoxification soak, your supply of clay gets used up really fast. There is a great description of how to detoxify mercury from the body by using clay baths at, which I highly recommend reading. Because chlorine and fluoride are quickly absorbed through the pores of the skin when we bathe in hot water, if your water supply is polluted with these toxins as mine is, adding a cup of clay to the bath water will help to neutralize them. In addition, Dr. John Apsley, who wrote Fukushima Meltdown and Modern Radiation, says that you can  neutralize chlorine and fluoride in bath water by adding a mere one quarter teaspoon of powdered ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to it.  John Apsley also says that human health has been affected by invisible radioactive particles since we first dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.  That is because nearly 2000 nuclear bombs have been “tested” since that time. Why one needs to “test” a bomb’s ability to destroy things 2000 times before one is convinced of what it will do is beyond my ability to imagine. Each time another bomb was detonated, the radioactive fallout caused the cancer rate to go up. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, author of Fire in the Belly, believes that much of this radioactive fallout already resides in our digestive tract. This is another good reason to do an internal detox with bentonite clay.

According to an article I read on eHow, although bentonite clay is generally regarded as safe for internal use (GRAS) by the FDA, one should avoid  ingesting clay if they are pregnant or lactating, just as they would any other medication.  In addition, patients with Wilson’s disease (excess copper abnormality) or renal insufficiency, should avoid clay. Neither should healing clay be used internally in those who currently have high blood pressure or iron intolerance without proper supervision by a doctor or other health care professional. When ingesting clay for detoxification, it is important to drink plenty of water.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another crutch I use to heal my digestive tract is food grade diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is made up of million year old diatoms that exist in certain dry lake beds. These microscopic creatures have a silica exoskeleton that remains behind after the flesh is decayed. After millions of years the exoskeletons pile up and can be mined and made into a product called diatomaceous earth or DE. This product is excellent for killing both internal and external parasites, as well as unwanted insects in your home or garden. It also has a negative charge that attracts many chemicals and toxins. It can be put into water and sprayed on your garden, or sprayed in places in your house where you are bothered by ants or cockroaches. The silica scratches their exoskeleton which causes them to dehydrate. Because it is an inert substance that looks a lot like bentonite clay only lighter in color, it cannot create symptoms in your body. It merely passes through the digestive tract and out the other end just like bentonite clay does. Some DE has been contaminated. For a food grade source free from contaminants, go here:

Both bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth can be sprayed on plants to detoxify them of air born pollutants and radiation from Fukushima and Chemtrail Fallout. Once I pick my vegetables from my garden, I place them in a tub of clay, DE, and/or 2 tablespoons of baking soda water for ten minutes to detoxify them of radioactive and chemtrail fallout, as well as regular insects.

Because the silica in DE will slowly dissolve in water, it is good to add a tablespoon of it to a gallon of water. It will take a few days for it to settle to the bottom and the water to clear. You can then begin drinking the water off the top. In the water will be dissolved silica. Once the water is gone, simply add more water to your container without dumping out the DE in the bottom and let it dissolve some more. You can do this for six months or more. If you’d rather get your silica from plants, horsetail, oatmeal, and bamboo contain a lot of it.

Aluminum Detox

The best way to detoxify aluminum from your body is to take magnesium, malic acid and silica. You can actually buy magnesium that has already been bonded to malic acid. It is called magnesium malate. Magnesium CitraMate is elemental magnesium that is bound to both citric acid and malic acid. If constipation is your problem, Magnesium CitraMate will not only act as a laxative, it will also help remove aluminum. By taking either of these products with the dissolved DE water, or extra silica, you will accomplish your goal of aluminum detoxification in a powerful way. The good news is that DE is quite inexpensive. A gallon of it will last for many months. In addition, Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD, says in his book Health and Nutrition Secrets, that Calcium pyruvate binds aluminum which prevents absorption. To further chellate aluminum, he says to increase all antioxidants, buffered vitamin C, Vitamin E, NAC, Alpha-lipoic acid and magnesium citramate.

According to many websites that I read, bentonite clay is a rich source of aluminum. However, it is not bioavailable to the body and quickly passes through. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence by people who regularly do hair analysis in combination with bentonite clay detoxification that it removes aluminum rather than adding it to the body.

Another product I use on a regular basis to detoxify heavy metals is EDTA (calcium disodium). This will pull heavy metals from your arteries, so it is especially effective for improving heart disease and hardening of the arteries. Dr. Majid Ali says that it is just as effective to take EDTA orally as in an IV, which is far more expensive, as long as you use it consistently. Alpha lipoic acid and N-Acetyl-Cystein (NAC), are also good heavy metal detoxifiers to add to your arsenal. They are best taken before bedtime. Now that we are being inundated with radioactive particles from Fukushima on a regular basis for life, these simple measures can go a long way in helping you to avoid radiation caused cancer. 

Additional Detoxification Strategies

Naturopathic medicine is very different than allopathic medicine. Naturopathic medicine uses natural products from nature to detoxify, cleanse, and rebuild the body when it is diseased. In this form of medicine it is believed that sickness and degenerative disease is caused by two things:  toxins, which allow pathogens and parasites to proliferate,  and insufficient nourishment. Frequently, toxins in the digestive tract create an environment that make it impossible for the nutrients in our food to be adequately digested and absorbed into the blood stream. This is why dietary improvement isn’t enough to heal disease. Though eating a healthy diet is extremely important when it comes to healing disease,  it is only a co-factor. When coupled with natural strategies for detoxification, the two work together in synergy to create the desired result.

According to Wikipedia, allopathic medicine is “an expression commonly used by homeopaths and proponents of other forms of alternative medicine to refer to mainstream medical use of pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms or pathophysiologic processes of diseases”. This method of medicine is never aimed at curing disease or healing the body, but only at suppressing annoying symptoms. This is why it is against the law to tell anyone that an herb or natural protocol can heal you. If allopathic medicine can’t heal you, nothing else is allowed to heal you either. The problem with allopathic medicine is that the drugs used to suppress symptoms create “side-effects”, some of which are worse than the disease. Than you have to take another drug with additional side-effects to suppress the side-effects caused by the first drug. In the meantime one’s diseased state is continuing unabated.

The following video is by Judy Seeger, a naturopathic physician with over 30 years of experience. She did a series of videos on how to detoxify oneself from cancer after radiation or chemotherapy. Therefore, for additional strategies for detoxifying the body, please watch the following videos as they are applicable to all forms of self-healing. They are excellent and encompass the many additional strategies that one can use to generate intensive detoxification.

Fermentation Recipes

There is a lot of scientific evidence stating that fermented foods can metabolize and remove certain carcinogenic chemicals during the fermentation process. There is also some evidence pointing to the fact that it protects us from radiation. I assume that is because healthy gut bacteria makes up the majority of our immune system. They attack whatever isn’t good for us, and remove it through our elimination.

If you have not already begun doing so, fermenting your own foods is both delicious and easy. There are many great recipes on YouTube that will teach you exactly what to do. Why do you want to ferment food yourself rather than rely on already prepared products? It is because most so-called fermented products like sauerkraut have been made with vinegar which gives it that tangy taste but without the probiotics that heal the gut. Home fermented foods are fermented with their own lactobacilli and other bacteria found on the plants themselves, all of which live in our guts. For thousands of years, humans all over the planet lived on fermented foods, for, without refrigeration, fermentation was one of the only ways we had of preserving our vegetables for winter use. In this way our ancestors augmented their gut flora on a regular basis.

Fermenting fruits and vegetables is simple. Cut them up to the size desired. Break the cell wall by mashing them up a bit either with your fists or a mallet. Pack them tightly in a jar or ceramic crock, add salt to taste, cover with water, and let them sit from 3 to 7 days or more depending on how tangy and sour you want them to be.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes:


1 purple cabbage

Half a cauliflower

Brussel Sprouts

1 daikon radish

1 bunch of cilantro

Sea salt

Chop, mash, salt, pack, cover with water, and let sit at room temperature for a few days. Keep tasting it until it is the tanginess desired. Before cutting up the cabbage take off two or three of the outer leaves. After you’ve packed this mixture into a large glass jar or ceramic crock, fold up the outer leaves and place on top. This will keep the stuff you’ve cut up submerged. Since they are thrown away, it doesn’t matter if these outer leaves get moldy. The amount of salt one uses is dependent on the taste you like. More salt is not better than less. Because I personally like a saltier taste, I will use up to three tablespoons of sea salt for a half gallon of sauerkraut. Do not use regular table salt as that is bad for you. You can also substitute the salt with homemade celery juice as celery has a lot of natural sodium in it, or use a little of both, which is what I do.

Although you don’t have to, it is good to use a tablespoon of whey in the water to help the fermentation process when you first begin fermenting your own vegetables. Whey is the yellowish liquid that rises to the surface when you dip into your container of plain yogurt, which is also a fermented food. Save some of the liquid after you have consumed your sauerkraut to use as starter for the next batch. Never throw the sauerkraut liquid away as it is full of live bacteria that is great for your gut. Drink it instead. Start low and build slow. For people whose guts are really unhealthy, even sauerkraut will begin a detoxification reaction.

When packing your vegetables they need to go all the way to the top of the jar. Then cover them with the large leaves you’ve rolled into a ball to push them down further. Add water to the very top. Some people say to cover your jar tightly and others to cover loosely so I guess it doesn’t matter which you choose. As your mixture ferments it will not only draw liquid out of the leaves, it will form bubbles that cause the liquid to expand. Therefore you must loosen a tight lid once a day to release the pressure and place in a bowl to catch spillage. Red cabbage juice will stain your counter if it runs over the top. After your mixture is done fermenting, pour the spilled liquid back into the jar as it continued to ferment on its own.

As any fruit or vegetable can be fermented, experiment with the vegetables you want to use in your sauerkraut. The one’s I have listed are the ones I like. Create your own blend. You are limited only by your imagination.

Fermented Salsa




Red pepper


Daikon radish


Sea salt

Amounts will vary depending on how much you want to make. Cut everything up to desired size. Add sea salt to taste. Add a tablespoon of whey if you have it or leftover liquid from sauerkraut if you have that, or both. Pack tightly in jar. Cover with water. Use a couple of cabbage or large kale leaves to press down the mixture. Let stand on counter for 2 to 4 days until it is the tanginess you like. When done refrigerate and enjoy!

Fermented Fruit Compote

Fresh pineapple, peaches or mango

Chopped Ginger

Chopped cilantro

Fresh grated coconut (optional)

Ginger tea (optional)

Sea salt

Same routine as above. Cut, salt, press tightly in jar, cover with two or three cabbage or kale leaves which will be discarded when you are done fermenting the mixture, fill with water or ginger tea. Let sit on kitchen counter for 3 or 4 days. When it satisfies your taste buds refrigerate and enjoy.


This is the simplest of all recipes, but you must get a Kombucha mushroom from someone to make it. They are sold inexpensively on ebay. Kombucha tea is a great detoxifier. For a list of its benefits, go to

Make a batch of strong, sweetened green tea that is fairly sweet. You must use regular refined white sugar, not honey, as the antibacterial qualities of honey harm the ferment. In addition, raiaation concentrates in honey, so it is no longer a health food in North America where we are being radiated on a daily basis. When cool place tea in the jar you will be using to make your ferment. Add kombucha mushroom. Let sit at room temperature for a week or more. The Kombucha  mushroom eats the sugar. You can either ferment your tea until all the sugar is gone, or stop it anywhere in the process from sweet to slightly sweet, to quite sour. The sourer it becomes the greater the bacterial content, which is good. However, you might not like the taste when it gets to this point. If you don’t like the taste of sour Kombucha tea, you can add it in small amounts to your smoothies, or add it to other cold teas or fruit juices.

Never heat up fermented foods as this kills the friendly bacteria and defeats the purpose of fermenting it. Always eat or drink it cold or at room temperature.

Plain Yogurt

Whole organic milk, preferably raw and unpasteurized

Yogurt Starter

Powdered milk (optional)

Sugar (optional)

Heat milk over a flame to body temperature. You can figure this out by stirring the milk with your clean finger while you are heating it up. It only takes a minute or two. If too hot you will have to wait until it cools back down to use it. Pour into jar. Add yogurt starter. Starter is a small container of plain yogurt you’ve purchased at a grocery store. It should not contain pectin or any other ingredients other than live bacteria, so read the label. If you want a very thick yogurt, you can add some powdered milk to it. Sugar aids in the fermentation process, but since milk already has lactose in it, it is not really necessary. If you do add it, only a few tablespoons are needed. Your mixture must remain at body temperature for 24 hours to ferment properly, which is the hard thing about making this product. I solved this problem by putting my jar of yogurt-to-be into an insulated picnic bag. I then covered the jar with a heating pad set on low for 24 hours. The first time you do this you will have to keep checking the milk with your finger to make sure it is warm enough. If not, you will have to turn the setting to medium. Afterwards you will know what the correct setting is for your particular heating pad. If you don’t have an insulated bag I suppose you could just cover the heating pad and jar with a towel.

Homemade yogurt has many wonderful benefits that are far superior to the yogurt bought at the grocery store. Its 24 hours of fermentation produces far more healthy bacteria for your digestive tract than the grocery store variety that has been fermented only a few hours and then thickened with pectin and sweetened with too much sugary processed fruit. However, if you are allergic to casein, which is milk protein, you shouldn’t eat this product until your digestive tract is healed. You can add your own fruit or granola per individual serving when done.

Homemade Salad Dressing

You will find that any salad is enhanced by adding homemade fermented sauerkraut and/or homemade fermented salsa to the mixture. If you also dress your salad with homemade blue cheese, gorgonzola cheese, or feta cheese dressing, all of which have thousands of live bacteria in them, your digestive tract will love you for it. You can make a simple dressing by putting one of these cheeses, fresh lemon juice, garlic, olive and/or flax seed oil, homemade plain yogurt (optional), and seasoned salt to taste in a blender and blending it up for a few seconds. Top off your probiotic-rich salad by sipping on a beverage of flavor-enhanced Kombucha tea for a healthy extravaganza for your gut.

If you are a vegan, you can make nut cheese by soaking 2 cups of sunflower seeds and one cup of cashews in water overnight. In the morning separate the nuts and water. Set aside the water to ferment at room temperature for two days. In the meantime, sprout the seed and nut mixture. The easiest way is to put them in a nut milk bag and let them hang over the sink, rinsing them every few hours to keep them fresh. After two days, reunite the seeds/nuts, and fermented water. Add a tablespoon of your favorite seasoning salt to taste, and 1 teaspoon of cumin. Blend in blender until smooth. Place in bowl and cover. Ferment for another 24 hours. Then place in refrigerator. This makes an excellent fermented salad dressing all by itself.

Fermented Sprouts

Sprouts are much higher in protein and other nutrients than regular vegetables. I have discovered a way to ferment them, which makes them even more nutritious and bio available. After soaking the sprouts overnight, separate the water from the seed. Set water aside for two or three  days and let ferment on your counter. This turns it into rejuvalac, which is a probiotic-rich drink. Place seeds in a nut milk bag or other sprouting container, and let them sprout while the water ferments.  After the designated time period, reunite the sprouts and a portion of the water. Blend in blender to make a paste. Let the resulting mixture ferment on your counter for the next 24 hours. One can spice the mixture with spices of their choice for specific uses. I find that most unspiced fermented sprouts are fairly bland and work well in a smoothie or  bowl of oatmeal to increase nutrition. If spiced with lemon pepper or Italian seasoning, the resulting mixture makes a good salad dressing.  The remainder of the unused rejuvalac can be added to juice or a smoothies to increase probiotic content.

Results of Healing the Gut

Once your digestive tract is healed because it has billions of live, healthy bacteria living in it, you will no longer have a single food sensitivity. You will also no longer suffer from bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections. You won’t have post nasal drip or itchy eyes and ears caused by “hay fever” type allergies. You will never again have a sinus infection or a urinary tract infection. Your constipation, diarrhea, and weird colored stools will be gone. Rather, your stools will be well formed and easy to pass once or twice a day.  Your hormones will balance and you will no longer feel fatigued, or suffer from insomnia. No more bloating, gas, cramps, stomachaches, gastritis, GERD and your weight will stabilize. Your schizophrenia and bipolar disorder will improve or disappear. If you are an autistic child who begins healing your bowel at a young enough age, you may even be able to reverse your diagnosis. The reason age is significant here is because socialization matters to a child’s developing brain. Children who don’t socialize in a normal manner at appropriate stages may or may not be able to recoup their losses at a later date.

As far as depression and anxiety are concerned, you will be able to improve if not eradicate them. However, as a psychotherapist and health coach, I know that once conditioned, our thinking patterns can be very difficult to change and that it takes concerted effort to do so. From personal experience, I also know that chronic health conditions are depressing and anxiety producing, especially if one does not know how to heal them and one’s physician seems to be inadequate for the task. Once healed, one’s chances of changing their thinking patterns are much easier. However, a good psychotherapist or health coach may be necessary to help you change long-term belief system.

To create this miracle of miracles happening one must eat a low refined sugar diet, for sugar feeds all the bad bacteria and candida that cause our digestive problems. Also, try to avoid the foods you know don’t agree with you, at least in the beginning of this protocol. If you need to do an elimination diet to find out what they are, see my web page on food sensitivities at The foods that we are most commonly sensitive to are sugar, milk, and wheat. In addition, foods we crave are generally foods that cause our symptoms, so these are worth avoiding for a time as well. For the most part, if you stick to the organic food that God made, and forget the processed stuff that man made, including factory farmed animal products, you can’t go wrong.

For your health, try to eat a variety of fermented foods every day for the rest of your life. If your bowel is really unhealthy, don’t expect miracles immediately. If you are patient and  persevere with your regimen of healthy diet, probiotics, fermented foods, and/or antimicrobial herbs, or a low, slow dose of Nystatin, and edible bentonite clay, taking a large enough daily dose to actually make a difference, you will eventually be rewarded with radiant health.

About the Author

As I am a psychotherapist and not a doctor or health care provider, I am not qualified to guide you in your physical healing. However, I am qualified to guide you in your spiritual healing, and to share with you all that I’ve learned over the course of many decades on issues related to the gut and brain. What I have done here is report the results of my research. I have read several books on digestive healing, read numerous websites, listened to dozens of audio recordings, watched dozens of YouTube videos on the topic, and attended a few seminars on digestive health, as this has been a particular area of concern for me all my life. It is only in the last few years that enough research has been done by independent thinkers to unravel the mystery of digestive healing. As far as I know the information presented here has not been evaluated by the FDA.

Books I have read related to digestive healing and detoxification are the GAPS Diet by Dr. Natasha McBride, The Body Ecology Diet by Dr. Carol Yates, Fire in the Belly by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, Patient Heal Thyself by Jordan Rubin, The False Fat Diet by Dr. Elson Haas, Detoxify or Die by Sherry Rogers MD, The Gerson Therapy by Dr. Max Gerson, Living Clay by Perry A., Fukashima Meltdown and Modern Radiation by Dr. John Apsley, Restoring Your Digestive Health by Jordan Rubin, NMD, and Joseph Brasco, MD, Health and Nutrition Secrets by Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD, and many others. I have also taken several seminars on digestive health from Dr. Majid Ali.

Links gives a list of chemtrail ingredients, as well as several suggestions for how to detoxify them from the body. is Donna Pessin’s website where you will find many great videos and articles about detoxification, digestive health, and healing with antimicrobial herbs, probiotics, and bentonite clay. is one of Dr. Majid Ali’s websites that has many free videos and articles on integrative healing with a focus on digestive health and reoxygenating the body. is another one of Dr. Majid Ali’s websites.  sells high quality calcium bentonite clay for internal use. has many audio recordings by Perry A., author of Living Clay, that discuss the benefits of calcium bentonite clay, as well as many testimonials, recipes, and other clay articles of interest.

Shirleys-Wellness-Café.com has a page devoted to information about clay. sells several different types of clay, as well as an NF grade sodium bentonite clay that is suitable for internal use. sells herbs in bulk. sells herbs in bulk. sells berberine and Sweet Wormwood, also known as Sweet Annie, that I could not find elsewhere, in capsule form, as well as Horsetail herb and Bamboo, which contain high levels of silica. is my other website on detoxification. sells bulk herbs. sells several different varieties of edible clay, including USP pharmaceutical grade sodium bentonite clay. has a great deal of information about clay as well as links to numerous other websites where it can be purchased. sells many clay products including zeolite in clay form. has many audio recordings about the use of clay. sells many specialty clays for internal use.






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