Emotional Consequences of Chemtrails

chemtrails_los angels08-525x350Lately, I have been researching chemtrails and have been horrified at what I’ve found. Not only are unidentified airplanes dropping sickening amounts of toxic metals upon us, they are also dropping nanofibers, parasites, and a cocktail of other genetically modified microbes, viruses, bacteria, and dessicated red blood cells that no one one official know anything about.  Chemtrail spraying is very real as you will see from the images on this website. If the government has nothing to hide, why don’t they tell us about it? Also, why won’t they let us know what’s in them so that we will know what we are inhaling into our lungs on a daily basis? The fact that chem trail spraying is “top secret” leads me to believe that the governments motives may not be in the best interest of humanity.These ideas have generated a lot of feelings of anxiety and fear within me. Because shutting down my digestive system is the way my body deals with such intense stress, my stomach has churned and I have been unable to either digest my food or sleep at night as I worry about what is happening to humanity. As we inhale these poisons, not only will my own health be affected, but also that of my children, family, and friends.

Fear and Denial

photo (6)Indeed, all of humanity is being adversely affected by what is happening in our skies, for chemtrails can be found the world over. As detrimental as this is, it seems to me that hardly anyone wants to talk about it. Except for the fact that there is a lot of scientific evidence to the contrary, I will be the first to admit that the chem trail phenomena sounds insane. Therefore, it is understandable that when I try to tell people about my discoveries I get a lot of denial. People wonder why anyone would do that? It is I that must be crazy. All those white lines and streaks in the sky that fan out in every direction are just decoration I guess, and aren’t even worth investigating. The smell of chemicals, the taste of them in my mouth, my stinging eyes on bad spray days must be my imagination. Though I advise people to do their own research and not to believe me, I get responses ranging from “Who has time to do that?” and “Everyone knows that you can’t believe anything you read on the Internet”, which seems like nonsense to me. These kinds of responses are simply fear and denial. However, the effect of this denial has been to increase my own anxiety a hundred fold and make me wonder about my own sanity. In addition, though I can point out the trails and help them understand the difference between contrails

and chemtrails, they exhibit no curiosity at all about what might be in them, or why the government is spraying them on us without our knowledge or permission.

Illusory Thinking

photo (4)Many of my friends are very spiritual in a new age sort of way. They pride themselves on meditating and practice many different forms of healing work from reiki, to hypnotherapy, massage, and various forms of body work. Some claim to be psychics and channels. The ones who know about chemtrails don’t know the full story and don’t want to. They know just enough to know it is a negative topic and will therefore “lower their vibration” if they focus their attention on it. This lowered vibration will supposedly make them more susceptible to attracting negative experiences into their lives. Though I would agree that it is important to maintain a high vibration, it seems to me that refusing to respond to the train coming down the tracks that one is sitting on is nothing less than an act of total insanity. Because chemtrails don’t discriminate who they fall on we will all deal with the consequences whether we want to or not. That is because we not only create our reality individually, but globally, as well. In our reality we are all impacted by the behavior of others. When someone sprays chem trails over the area in which you live, even the most spiritual, loving individuals among you will inhale the nanofibers, as well as all the other disease causing bacteria the chem trails contain. Unless your immune system is incredibly strong and you are doing what it takes to continuously detoxify, being human you will suffer the consequences right along with everyone else.

Love is a Complex Energy

Being the first Sunday in February, 2013, the minister at the church I attended today gave a talk on love. It was pretty standard stuff about letting go of your judgments, forgiving those who have hurt you, and releasing your grievances. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could just love each other?  As I sat there with my stomach churning I wondered about the love involved in telling people about chem trails, especially when they will think you are nuts, or they just don’t want to hear it because it will “lower their vibration” and ruin their day? For all  of you reading this post I sincerely apologize for what you are about to discover, but please do not turn away out of fear. If the people of Germany only knew what Hitler would do before he came into office, he might not have been so popular with the masses. In ignorance there is darkness. Only knowledge breeds light.

Being Superbowl Sunday, after church I sat and watched the game with my dad. I was horrified to see chem trails in the background of some of the commercials. Who is trying to normalize this phenomena? It could only be the people who have enough money to make those commercials in the first place and get them on the Superbowl, which must have cost millions of dollars.

Getting Off the Tracks

chemtrails 3I recently watched an excellent movie on Netflix called Nowhere In Africa. It was about a German Jew who immigrated to Africa to avoid what he perceived to be the “train coming down the tracks” that he was sitting on. In Germany he had a prestigious job as a lawyer, but in Africa he got a job as the dirt poor manager of a subsistence-level farm. The movie opens with his wife, who is still in Germany, expressing her enmity toward her husband for wanting her and their child to follow him into poverty. She is at a party surrounded by loving well-to-do relatives who do not want her to go. They do not see the danger her husband sees, nor believe he is right in asking her to join him. Being an obedient wife, however, she reluctantly goes. Much of the dramatic action revolves around her anger at being made to do something she not only doesn’t want to do but doesn’t see the point of.

I am sure that everyone reading this post can imagine the story that unfolded. Little by little, as the war got going, they stopped hearing from their relatives for all of them died in concentration camps. Her husband, who had expressed an unpopular sentiment and demanded that the people he loved get out of harms way, proved himself to be right, yet he would have been the first to admit that he sincerely wished he had been entirely wrong. This is exactly how I feel. I feel like there is a train coming down the tracks and that all of us are sitting on it. Most are completely oblivious to the danger even though the train that is coming straight at them is falling from the sky and can’t possibly be missed. Others are simply in denial, believing that all they need do to avoid harm is to think positively and love everyone.

The truth as I see it is that we are being poisoned. If one does not feel extreme fear and anxiety about this, they are abnormal. It would be like having no fear as one faced a snarling tiger in the woods without a weapon. Fear is a guide and a teacher. It tells you that something is happening in your environment that is harmful to you. If you are sitting on a railroad track and hear a train coming, your fear is what motivates you to get off the track. If you are afraid of what’s happening, feel and express it, but then do what it takes to make yourself safe. The videos I suggest you watch may be scary and “negative” but one must remember that ignorance and denial never solved a single problem in the world. Ignorance, denial and believing the best about Hitler didn’t keep positive-thinking concentration camp victims from being incarcerated and murdered so why persist in thinking they will work for you? Those who are not ignorant or in denial must deal with their feelings by coming together and both talking about them and validating their perceptions. This will allow them to feel like they belong to something larger than they are, and since there is strength in numbers, not so alone.  They will also stop feeling like their perceptions are crazy. Also, as one gets used to the idea of chem trails and possible annihilation, the fear eventually subsides as they become proactive in the movement to awaken others.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

chemtrails 2After we have felt our fear we must then feel our rage and let it motivate us to act in a conscious, positive way to save the planet and save ourselves before it is too late.
 That means that we must become politically active in the same way the “wave generation” did during the civil rights movement; we must, en mass, march on Washington DC and demand that they stop. We must also spread the information that will convince people of the truth even if they do think we are crazy.

Although it is important to maintain a positive attitude in life, it is just as important to inform yourself about life’s negative potentials. It was not good for the jews to be ignorant of how they were going to be exterminated by Hitler, and it is not good that we be ignorant of how we are being manipulated and exterminated. We need to wake-up, speak-up and take back our power. Isn’t that part of being conscious too? Yes, focusing on the negative is stressful, but the consequences of not focusing on chem trails and geoengineering is that we lose control over our health. Though the ingredients in chem trails don’t kill us outright, the diseases they generate, which the establishment will claim has no known cause, will make us miserable for decades before we finally die. This, of course, will have the effect of making the pharmaceutical companies more wealthy than they already are.  The people who ignored Hitler may have gotten a few extra days of inner peace from their ignorance,, but eventually they got  stressed out when they were put in the gas chambers. It seems to me that our government is being controlled by people who have no respect for any kind of life. They are devastating the entire planet with toxic metals and destroying both  human and animal health, and I think that’s worth getting upset about. The goal isn’t to maintain inner peace no matter what, but to honestly face the dangers in your life with faith, knowing that you will be helped by a higher power to face your challenges and do what it takes to overcome them. Stress, fear, anger are normal under these circumstances, especially when the people around you are in denial. Humanity must face what’s going on. We must wake-up and demand that the people who are doing this to us stop. That will never happen if normal people like you and I keep looking the other way.

We are Not Alone

chemtrails_fanI do not believe that humanity is alone. There are many positive higher forces helping us wake-up. This chem trail phenomenon  is happening to humanity for a reason. It is giving us the opportunity to ignore our petty differences and come together for a common cause. In order to survive we will have to forget our less significant problems in our quest to maintain our health and keep our freedom to survive. Those who are awake must speak their truth to everyone they meet for our very lives depend upon it. The awakening must be global. We all must do our part.   Our prayers must be for the planet and for global awakening. As we come together in faith to learn how to work together against a common enemy, which is our own ignorance and denial, we will do what it takes to be a success.

Although there are literally hundreds of videos on chemtrails on YouTube, what follows are the most pertinent videos I’ve found that shed light on the chemtrail problem. The first one gives information about why we are being sprayed. The second one, which I’ve posted before, gives information about what’s being sprayed. They are both horrifying. Be brave, pray, and tell yourself a higher truth as you watch them. Scary or not, it is better to know the enemy than to be caught by surprise. Only enlightenment can show the way. Darkness only leads one astray.


This next video gives a deeper understanding of how our weather is being artificially transformed by humans, not by an act of God called global warming. You only need to watch a few minutes of this video to get the point it is making.

Besides fear and denial, another response I get from people is that they don’t want to know about stressful thing they can’t do anything about. Fortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth when it comes to chem trails, for there are lots of things that can be done. First and foremost among them is to disseminate information to the uninformed. It is my belief that there are things that you can do to minimize infection. However, one must become proactive to do them. If one does not know enough to even be concerned, they won’t do what it takes to avoid harm. This includes you and all the people you love.

The Red Wine Test

red wine testThe first thing that you will want to do to discover if you have been infected with nanofibers is to take the Red Wine Test. If you don’t drink alcohol you can also use a strong solution of grape juice. This is a simple test that takes 30 seconds to do.






wine2My daughter and I both took the Red Wine Test on Christmas day, 2012. Like everyone else, we found nanofibers in what we spit  into the white bowl. Though there were a few fibers that were an inch or so in length, there were many hundred that were tiny.  Later, I discovered much larger fibers in what came out in the toilet bowl when I started using coffee enemas for detoxification. If I wasn’t freaked out enough before seeing this, I was definitely freaked out afterwards.  Seeing the proof of what is now accumulating in my body has become a primary motivator for me to do the detoxification work that has become a routine part of my life. I hope that this information motivates you in the same way it has motivated me. Please remember that I am not a seller of health products. I am not telling you these things because I will make money. I am telling you because I am concerned about the survival of our species.

What You Can Do Right Now

Below you will find information about things you can do right now to join the great crusade to inform the public about the danger at hand.

For downloadable posters that you can copy, hand out to your friends, and anonymously put up all over your city or town, go here: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ads/.

For a list of 17 things you can do right now to stop chem trails, go here: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/what-you-can-do/.

For other posters and materials that you can purchase, go here: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/flyers/.

To donate to an organization that is promoting global awareness, go here: http://www.coalitionagainstgeoengineering.org/donations.

More posters to purchase on a different website: http://www.stopsprayingcalifornia.com/Chemtrail_Posters.php

To purchase chem trail bumper stickers, go here: http://globalskywatch.com/resources/bumper-stickers/index.html.

Organize a chem trail awareness meeting and support group in your neighborhood.

Since chem trails make organically grown food an oxymoron, create a booth at your local farmer’s market to inform the public.

This link goes to the law that allows chemical and biological agents to be used on civilian populations for any purpose.

Most of the links on this post are from the CarnicomInstitute.org

How to De-stress

The best way to de-stress is through your spiritual practice, whatever that might be. I do this by listening to positive affirmations as I relax my body in a quiet, meditative state. My body finally calmed down for good when I began to pray before watching chemtrail, geoengineering, and Morgellons videos, asking that I be strengthened by the Christ Consciousness that exists within me, and given the guidance, not only on how to “digest” this information, but also on what to do with it. As I meditated, I was reminded by higher power that being physical is a method of evolution, that everyone who is alive today will eventually die of something, and that we are all here to learn and grow as we find a better way. Since it is challenge that motivates our growth, chemtrails may be part of God’s plan to motivate humanity to finally end its separation as everyone of us work together to find a solution to the horrors that now confront us. As I remembered these higher truths my churning internal organs  became quiet and still. I believe that I have not only a life’s purpose, but also a future in which to manifest it. My future is in the hands of a higher power, and so is yours. As you pray about what to do with this information you will receive the guidance that can show you the way.

I also believe that virtually everyone needs to talk about their feelings about chemtrails and have them validated. This means that you must find a therapist, friend, or spiritual leader who is knowledgeable about chemtrails and understands why the thought of them produces so much emotional turmoil. Otherwise they won’t understand your anxiety and may invalidate it, which won’t be helpful either for you or for the planet. Unfortunately, because so few people know about chemtrails, finding this kind of person may be hard to do.  As I am a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California, you can always contact me if you need someone to talk to about these issues. In the case of chemtrails, sharing and validating one’s feelings alleviates the fear, rather than increases it. I am a spiritual consultant, channel, hypnotherapist, health educator and health coach who knows a great deal about detoxification at all levels, body, mind, and spirit.

For more information on Morgellons disease and chemtrails, see my other posts entitled Killing Parasites and Dealing With Morgellons Disease, and The Morgellons/Pyroluria Connection,

For information on how to detoxify, see my posts entitled The Pollution Solution, The Cause of All Degenerative Disease, and Health Begins in the Bowel.

The images of nano particles under The Red Wine Test came from The Carnicom Institute.

The images under Fear and Denial and Illusory Thinking were taken with my iphone from my back yard in Hemet, CA on March 26, 2013. When I woke up in the morning the sky was a beautiful blue. Then came the airplanes to spray their poisons in the sky as seen in the image under Fear and Denial.  As the day went on the multiple chem  trails sprayed on us  became poisonous clouds that released their toxic load on us. Though this image may look like a normal rain cloud, it wasn’t. When these kinds of clouds do rain real droplets of water, every drop is full of poison. Here in Hemet, which is a hot desert town about 60 miles from LA, the air is quite still. The special weather patterns in the LA basin make for a perfect cauldron that allows poisons to sit and ferment for long periods of time. This is why there is always a brown haze of smog that sits over the LA basin. Added to the cauldron of smog are now nanoparticles, heavy metals, genetically modified microbes, parasites, viruses and dessicated red blood cells. Yuck!

Other images on this post came from Google Images and were traced back to these websites:







Susan Vaughn, MA, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist, spiritual consultant, channel, hypnotherapist, health educator and detoxification coach who specializes in detoxification of the mind, body, and spirit. Her expertise is in reality creation and conscious evolution. For more information call (707) 268-0312, or email her at SMCVaughn@gmail.com.





























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