Whole Food Supplements

For as long as I can remember I have always cared about my health. Even as a young adolescent, I instinctively avoided soda and processed bakery goods like Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes. I also saw no possible reason to ever waste my money at McDonalds, even though I lived only a few blocks away from the first set of Golden Arches that were ever built. By the time I was twenty I was interested in herbal medicine and knew that anything that was not made by mother nature was suspect. I did not have a parent who taught me this, for my own mother came of age after World War II when it became fashionable to eat canned and pre-packaged foods. She once told me that if she had to chop it, she wanted nothing to do with it.

In my early twenties I had a series of unsatisfactory experiences with doctors. Because of them it became obvious to me that pharmaceutical drugs were hazardous to my health and that I should avoid them if at all possible, as well as the doctors who prescribed them. Thus began my interest in herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle. Though I had no idea what healing really consisted of, I actively explored the topic and did my best to prevent disease by putting into practice what I’d learned. One of the strategies I used to create health was to take supplements.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, which I knew were clearly bad for me, vitamin supplements were advertised as being a form of health insurance that could prevent disease. Being a health enthusiast, I fell for this line of reasoning hook, line and sinker. Like everyone else of my generation, the vitamins I took were synthetic, for nothing else was available at the time. I can honestly say that in forty years of vitamin taking none of the synthetic one’s ever did a single thing to improve my health or prevent disease.

Are Synthetic Supplements Harmful?

It has only been recently that I’ve come to understand that synthetic vitamins, which are made in a chemist’s lab, aren’t much different in quality than pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, many of them are made in the exact same laboratories as pharmaceutical drugs, for many of the leading brands are owned by pharmaceutical companies. Far from being healthful, they can actually harm you. That’s because, in order for the body to utilize a vitamin, it must have all the many hundreds of mineral co-factors working together in synergy for it to be properly digested and absorbed. If it isn’t metabolized properly, it will either be excreted as a waste product, or it will add itself to the body’s toxic load.

Minerals come from soil that has been broken down from rocks over hundreds of years. Plants take them up by the roots, combine them with organic molecules, and incorporate them into their tissues. Minerals that come from plants are highly absorbable because the plant does the work of turning an inorganic substance into an organic substance that the body can use. Most multi-vitamin supplements contain a form of minerals that could never be utilized by the body because they haven’t gone through this transition.

In addition, minerals keep our digestion and assimilation healthy. Without adequate amount of potassium and sodium, our food wouldn’t digest at all. A deficiency of even one mineral may disrupt the entire chain of life. Of course, a deficiency of one amino acid, one enzyme, one essential fat, or one vitamin can do the same. The body is so unbelievably complex. It is an ecosystem in which everything depends on everything else for survival. In addition, minerals also work in partnership with other minerals. These mineral pairs need to be in an exact ratio with one another to work effectively. Too much of a particular mineral can do as much damage as too little. The minerals are activated by specific vitamins, other minerals, and/or amino acids. If you are low in a mineral, you can increase it by taking its co-factors, which help the body to absorb and utilize more of it from food. These ratios are important to keep in mind when you supplement, as supplementation can quickly throw them out of balance. When that happens, you don’t get what you need from either mineral.

Chemical Additives

Not only do synthetic vitamins lack absorbable mineral co-factors, they also include chemical additives that have no business being in our bodies. Magnesium stearate, a common additive, is actually a chalk-like substance used to improve the function of the machinery in the manufacturing process when the vitamin pills are being created. This non-food substance with a mineral sounding name actually coats the intestines creating malabsorption. I suspect it also plays a role in killing off probiotics, as well, as do most pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs. Titanium dioxide, which is another common additive, is a completely non-essential coloring agent that may be one of the causes of autoimmune disorders.

Other chemical additives are stearic acid made from boiled cow fat that acts as a binder, carnauba wax, which is a car polish that creates the shiny coating on many pills, sodium alginate, which is used in the painting industry, coal tar, which is used in making asphalt, talcum powder, which is a carcinogen made from a crushed rock called talc, formaldehyde, and many other kinds of preservatives and food dyes, all of which increase the likelihood of toxic overload. Toxic overload, of course, is a precipitating factor in all diseases of “no known cause” including cancer and other degenerative diseases that humanity is encouraged to handle by taking an endless array of side-effect producing pharmaceutical drugs that don’t do anything to address the cause of our problems.

Whole food supplements are completely different than synthetic supplement, for they are actually made from whole foods which have either been dehydrated and powdered or liquefied in a concentrated form. Consequently, they contain all the mineral co-factors that exist in the whole food. Since our scientists don’t even know what all those co-factors are, they can’t be synthetically created and added to a vitamin pill.

In addition, whole foods are processed without additives, dyes, excipients, or binders. Being food, these supplements can’t hurt you and will not add to your toxic load. They may even help you, especially if your physical issue is caused by poor nutrition or the malabsorption that comes along with the many digestive tract disorders caused by the overuse of pharmaceutical druge, especially antibiotics, pain pills, NSAIDS, birth control pills, alcohol, and sugar-laden, processed carbohydrate-rich foods that lead to dysbiosis and candida.


Dysbiosis (also called dysbacteriosis), referes to a condition in which the microflora of the intestinal tract have become imbalanced. From mouth to anus, our digestive tract is covered with bacteria, all of which play a role in health maintenance. However, they need to be in a particular balance, with what are called probiotics in abundant supply. When out of balance they create ill health in the form of numerous digestive complaints, including serious illnesses like Crohn’s disease and Inflammatory Bowel disease, mental illnesses anxiety, depression, Tourette’s syndrome, and OCD, childhood behavioral issues like autism, ADD, ADHD, and childhood Bi Polar disorder, and all kinds of autoimmune diseases. When probiotics are in short supply the gut is like a city in which rats outnumber the people and have the upper hand. In a balanced ecosystem rats have their place and play an important role in waste management. When they take the upper hand, however, they spread diseases that can destroy a population, which is what happened during the plague.

Because both over-the-counter and prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and anti-nutrients such as chemical additives and fake sugars kill probiotics, they, themselves, are the root cause of many physical, mental, and autoimmune diseases today. It was Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, who said that disease begins in the gut, for when one’s digestion is deranged one does not absorb the nutrients needed to balance one’s body chemistry and nourish their organs, keeping them in peak condition.

When our gut flora is imbalanced leaky gut syndrome allows undigested food particles to leak into the blood supply, which creates a toxic reaction within the body. These toxins can go anywhere. If they go into our joints they cause arthritis. If they go into our brain they cause autism, ADD, learning disorders and behavioral problems, etc. Because the immune system become worn out from having to deal with all the toxins it no longer functions at an optimal level or it may rev up to be on hyperalert, over-reacting to common substances like dust, pollen, and animal dander.

It has also been discovered that all the signs of aging are at least in part related to the malnutrition that is an aspect of poor absorption, poor detoxification, hormonal imbalance, insufficient oxygenation due to lack of exercise, auto-intoxication due to gut dysbiosis, and the immune system’s inability to efficiently respond to all the bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds and funguses that have been introduced into our body ecology from external sources. If one has dysbiosis, your whole food supplement should be taken with a potent probiotic to help restore the gut flora.

In addition, whole food supplements are best taken with an enzyme rich food, such as the uncooked fruits and vegetables that might be found in a nutrient dense smoothie or fresh pressed vegetable juice. That’s because enzymes are chemically induced sparks of fire that cause all the chemical reactions in your body. Metaphorically speaking, they act like the spark plugs in your car. Though your car might have a powerful engine that is in good running order, without spark plugs to ignite it into action your engine won’t come to life and your car won’t go anywhere.

Just as it is the enzymes that exist within fruits and vegetables that causes them to ripen and then spoil, it is the enzymes within you that begins the digestion process. Using the same metaphor as above, probiotics would be like the engine that produces digestion. Without enzymes acting as the spark plugs, the engine won’t ignite. Therefore, taking your whole food supplement with enzyme rich food will ensure that each and every vitamin and mineral within it gets completely absorbed. Since heat kills enzymes, only raw foods are enzyme rich. That’s why taking your whole food supplements with an enzyme rich raw food smoothie makes such good sense.

Eniva Whole Food Supplements

Over the past 40 years of supplement taking, I’ve thrown thousands of dollars away on synthetic supplements that never improved my health. Because there was no Internet to turn to for information for the majority of those 40 years, I was completely ignorant of everything I’ve just written about. Most of those cheap supplements probably landed in the toilet or added themselves to my toxic load in ways I’m completely unaware of. The additives within them may also have killed the probiotics within me necessary to sustain my life. However, the whole food Eniva vitamin and mineral liquid supplements I’ve now taken for the past five years had an immediate positive impact on my overall energy level and quality of sleep. Because they contain highly absorbable ankstrom size minerals, they also improved certain of my physical ailments such as leg and muscle cramps which are caused by mineral deficiency. I know they are working because when I stop taking them, the cramps  return. Therefore, I know that they are giving my body something that it lacks and that I’m unable to get from my diet, perhaps because of poor absorption. To heal poor digestion and gut dysbiosis, I recommend the GAPS diet, which is the only diet that specifically addresses these issues. Because animal fat and the nutrients found in bone broth nourish the digestive system, the GAPS diet includes a daily dose of bone broth, as well as home-fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut to reintroduce probiotics into the gut. If you have any type of digestive complaint, mental illness or autoimmune disease (all of which begin in the gut) I suggest checking it out.

Though the Eniva supplements I take haven’t healed the physical conditions that are causing my physical symptoms, they are ameliorating them in a much safer and more effective way than a pharmaceutical drug could. It also stands to reason that my lack of mineral absorption could be causing other problems that haven’t surfaced as symptoms other than muscle cramps as yet. By taking the supplements now, they may truly be preventative in nature. Because they are side-effect free and have a definitive healing effect, I suspect that I will continue to take them until I’ve actually healed my gut using the GAPS diet

Like all whole food supplements the Eniva products are not cheap, for they do not just contain a single fruit or vegetable. Rather, each capsule or ounce of liquid concentrate actually contains a whole shopping cart full of fruits and vegetables, which costs money to both grow and process. Because they work, and the cheaper synthetic vitamins and minerals don’t, they are worth the price. After all, when you buy cheap synthetic vitamins devoid of mineral co-factors, you might as well just throw your money down the drain for that’s how much value you will receive.


There are many other whole food supplements on the market as well, but as I’ve not taken them I can’t vouch for their effectiveness. To find a comprehensive list of them, simply put “whole food supplements” into google and you will come up with dozens more.  And don’t forget whole food supplements like spirulina, chlorella, powdered seaweed, chlorophyll, wheat and barley grass, cod liver oil, krill oil, coconut oil, a variety of medicinal powdered mushrooms, maca, undenatured raw milk whey, and dozens more. These are often nutrient dense foods that provide fabulous nutrition.  The possibilities are literally endless.

Here’s the Eniva product I like best: It is called VIBE and it has the highest ORAC of any other product like it on the market. In addition to fruits and vegetables, Vibe also contains angstrom size minerals that are 95% absorbable.











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