The Great Awakening

When I originally created this blog my aim was to teach people the metaphysical concepts of reality creation. I have said many times before that we create our own reality. In fact, via the Law of Attraction, everything that happens to us we have called for and received exactly as we’ve asked. If we have received sickness instead of health, we have unconsciously created our pain by either being ignorant of how to maintain our health, or by flagrantly choosing to ignore the truth we know. This is what the cigarette smoker does each time he/she light up. They foolishly choose to ignore the facts surrounding cigarette smoking, not because they are bad or stupid people, but because there are other unconscious beliefs related to their self-esteem that stand in their way. The point is that in order to change one’s reality from bad to good, or from sickness to health, one must come to understand the error of their ways first, whatever they might be, and then choose to change their behavior based upon the higher truth they’ve come to know, for this is part of the process of conscious evolution.  The problem comes when we don’t know what the error is. In this case we are creating our reality from the unconscious mind. Not knowing how or why we’ve created our pain, we have no way to change it. This is the conundrum of everyone suffering from chronic diseases they don’t know how to heal.

Most of my life I have been uninterested in the media. Apart from an occasional movie a few times a year, I rarely even watched TV. In fact, after I graduated from high school in 1970, I didn’t even own one for over 20 years. Neither was I interested in politics or what was going on at the global political level. My feeling at that time was that most politicians, being wealthy, were clueless about the common man, and that many were corrupt. It also seemed to me that most of them had hidden agenda’s that were anything but loving. Being deceptive liars, I had no way of knowing the truth.

In addition, in those days I was far from healed myself. In the intervening years from then until now, I have gone on a very focused journey to learn how to heal myself of not only my physical diseases that had plagued me all my life, but also my mental and emotional diseases related to low self-esteem and a sense of unworthiness. My search for healing eventually led me to my spiritual awakening, which in turn allowed me to heal my self-esteem issues. As I studied reality creation and conscious evolution, I began to ponder how I had attracted, via the Law of Attraction, every aspect of my life. It has been this inquiry that has completely altered my reality, for as I have learned the “error of my ways”, I have diligently done what I could to change.

When I began this blog in 2009, I had never even watched a YouTube video. Because I wanted to support my statements with the corroborating opinions of other like-minded people, I began to search the web for websites and videos that would do so. Like so many other people, I fell in love with YouTube, for it has allowed the common man to share their thoughts and beliefs in a way that has never before been possible. After the stock markets fell and our economy was thrown into turmoil, I began looking at videos related to our economic reality. Eventually, I watched the movie Zeitgeist, which opened my eyes to many horrors I had never even contemplated. That began a process similar to what Jesus must have endured after his crucifixion when he “descended into hell for 3 day”s before resurrecting to sit at the right hand of the Father.  Knowing that we create our own reality individually, as well as globally, I wanted to know more. This eventually led me on a horrifying odyssey into the heart of pure evil. As I learned about how a group of fabulously wealthy bankers and business men have been pulling the strings of human consciousness for centuries, I have become increasingly enraged at what I have discovered. In the past, knowing these things would have been pointless as there was little we could do about it. Now, however, we have this fabulous tool called the Internet. For the first time in human history we have the opportunity to change our global reality at a fundamental level simply by sharing what we know.

Because of my investigation into the dark side I have come to believe that we Americans are living in a house that is burning down. If we don’t put out the fire all of us will get burned. I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that Nazi’s dressed in sheep’s clothing are taking over the world. As they have covertly infiltrated into our government, the CIA, FDA,  AMA, EPA, and the CDC, and are firmly entrenched in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries which are fabulously wealthy and bent on polluting the world, they now have almost unlimited power to do as they please without our consent. In addition, they now own the media, which only feeds the American people the information they want us to have. If you will remember, during World War II the Nazi’s main agenda was eugenics and world domination.  As it was then so it is now. If one is not willing to do the Internet research on their own to discover the true news, they will remain unaware of the fact that the house that they, themselves, are living in is going up in flames. Neither will they be aware of what is happening in the skies above their heads, for like the gas chambers of old, poison is raining down upon us on a daily basis. Though this poison doesn’t kill outright, it slowly causes chronic disease that will lead to our eventual demise if we are not taking the steps to prevent it. In the mean time, our allopathic physicians, who knows nothing about detoxification, will prescribe the worthless, but expensive drugs that will make the pharmaceutical companies even richer.

Looking the Other Way

The facts surrounding reality creation are obscure to most people. Because of movies like The Secret many people have a truncated version of how reality creation works. Not knowing all the facts has created a reality in which many spiritual people refuse to focus their attention on all the horrifying things happening in our world today. In the past I might have agreed with this approach as I shrugged my shoulders and said “But what can I do about it?” Being far from a war zone I wasn’t that concerned about the foolish behavior of other people far from where I lived.

One of the things metaphysical people have been taught by the channeled being Abraham is to never “push against” someone else’s creation. Rather, we are only supposed to focus our attention on that which is wanted, never on what we don’t want. This is called the Law of Allowing. Also, we are told to live in joy for that has a high vibration that will attract more of itself. On the face of it this seems like good advice. However, when this causes one to ignore the pestilence filled chem trails that are falling on us, the immune system destroying vaccines that mother’s are now forced to give their infants, or the fluoride that we all bathe in whether we drink it or not, is to fail to recognize that the war zone is no longer far away, but is right here, right now, as the biological warfare that is taking place right under our noses. If we don’t focus our attention on finding solutions, just as we have always done throughout history, we not only won’t be able to avoid the problems this will cause humanity, we won’t be able to stop it either. This will mean that our entire world will be run by Nazi’s forever. Since they have no concern for human life and actually seem to be entertained by our losses, we will become their unwilling but ignorant victims for generations to come. Having been brain washed with misinformation, drugged with pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs, fed life-destroying food,  and distracted with movies and video games, we will be nothing more than their slaves.

We Must Face Our Unconscious Creation

Although the law of attraction is definitely an important aspect of reality creation, that is not all there is to it. For one thing, we create only a small portion of our reality consciously. The vast majority of it is created from the unconscious mind. Our conscious mind has very little to do with what actually manifests. To be unconscious means to be ignorant. When we get Morgellons disease because we’ve inhaled nanofibers that we didn’t even know were there, or have an autistic child because he/she did not inherit enough probiotics from his/her mother to digest their food properly, most of us don’t really understand how this came about. Accidents like this seem to happen to us out of the blue all of the time. We did not consciously create them, yet if everything that happens to us comes to us via the law of attraction as so many in the New Age community believe, we did, indeed attract these event. However, we did it unconsciously, without having a clue how it happened. If you do not do the work to find out how it happened it will continue to happen and there won’t be anything that we can do about it.

Throughout history humanity has embraced many illusions. From the belief that there’s nothing wrong with slavery, to the belief that smoking is good for you, humanity has, in good faith, acted upon beliefs that led them terribly astray. Not knowing what the errors were that generated the painful result of their actions, they proclaimed that what happened to them was simply a senseless accident of fate when nothing could be farther from the truth.

In addition, when we incarnated we knew that we would be impacted by the creations of others. Since being physical is a method of evolution, how could it be otherwise? In fact, we came here to learn how to deal with the creations of others, as well as our own. Therefore, it could be said that virtually all our creations are co-creations. When someone that we know nothing about decides to drop pestilence-laden chem trails on us, at some level we have agreed to it. If you do not like that creation you can turn the other cheek as it says in the Bible, and ignore it as you go about creating something better. However, since this is a creation that you cannot escape, you will still have to deal with the consequences. In this case the consequences could be Morgellons disease or even something worse. If you don’t want pestilence-laden chem trails in your life, you must focus your attention on how and why you allowed them into your life in the first place and then do what it takes to change your part in the creation. This is true of all unpleasant creations. Changing your part in this particular creation is simply to become aware of chem trails and refuse to allow them to continue to exist. We can only do that by raising our collective voice against them.

We Create Individually and Globally

Human beings create reality not only individually but globally. Each one of us is born into a culture that is created out of a group consciousness that many, many people agree to. One’s culture holds certain beliefs to be self-evident, yet cultures around the world not only vary, they clash. When understanding reality creation, one cannot separate themselves from the backdrop in which they live. For example, in America in the 1800’s it was almost impossible for an African American living in the southern states to excel. Their culture simply did not allow them to do so. Though many Black people today have overcome the limitations placed upon their ancestors during slavery times, many more still struggle with the shackles of consciousness that are a direct result of what happened to their forebears 150 or more years ago. This is how powerful cultural programming is. If one does not consciously extricate themselves from it, they won’t change.

I believe that many Americans today are living in the past within a culture that no longer exists. They still believe that their  benign government will protect them against the wrong doing of others. They also believe that medical doctors have been trained to heal them instead of drug them for life. Many people are like abused children who haven’t yet figured out that they’ve been abused and therefore don’t need to be loyal to their abusers. In other words, they still live within a cultural myth that was once true but no longer is. Though I love America, if one examines the facts, it has become abundantly clear to me that these cultural beliefs are simply no longer true. Unfortunately, acting on erroneous beliefs is like driving a car in the wrong direction to get to where you want to go.

Cultural Myths

Take chem trails for instance. When I point them out to people most will not know what I’m talking about, even though the evidence of their existence is streaked all across the sky. I will be told that these huge streaks of white that hang in the air for hours and then slowly disperse becoming poisonous clouds in the sky are nothing more than con trails, for that is what they’ve always been and their government has confirmed. When I tell them that these are not ice crystals which melt within a few minutes, but nano-sized particles of heavy metals, aluminum, genetically modified viruses and nanofibers they tell me that no one in their right mind would do that to them, when, once again, if they just do ten minutes worth of research on the Internet, the evidence would be plain to see. Then they act as if they don’t want to know what they are inhaling and that it is no concern to them even though I am telling them that they are full of particles that make people sick. All of this rather strange behavior is a result of cultural programming and nothing more, for in a belief system in which the government is benign, pestilence-laden chem trails sprayed on them by their own government are impossible.

Magellan’s Ships

Many of you may have heard the tale of Magellan’s ships. Supposedly this is a true story. It goes like this: When Magellan landed his ships in the harbor of an island where the natives who lived there had never before seen such enormous vessels, they literally could not see them. It was the Shaman who had to point them out by helping the inhabitants of the island stretch their imagination to include the improbable. He had to first make them aware of the possibility of such enormous vessels. Then he taught them how to see them by describing what he saw in great detail. As the people became accustomed to this way of thinking they suddenly were able to see what had been invisible to them before but, in truth had been there all along.

Dimensional Shift

Those of us who are now incarnate on Earth live in the most interesting times, for we are literally in the midst of a dimensional shift in consciousness that will have far reaching impact upon us for hundreds of years to come. If we do not wake-up to the Magellan’s ships that lie in our harbor, it is my guess that, like the slaughtered Natives who could not see their invaders, we will either, in the worst case scenario, all die, or in the best case scenario, continue our enslavement with far less people who have far fewer freedoms and much poorer health than ever before. If we wake-up, however, we will rise up en mass to take back our power from those who would enslave us. It is the Shamans of our age who have the task of awakening others, for they have the ability to see what is still unseen by the masses who sleep in blissful ignorance of what is happening behind the scenes of the global reality that shapes all our lives.

Evil Loves Nothing More Than That We Look the Other Way

What follows is my attempt to awaken the masses to terrible truths that no one, including me, wants to wake-up to. Yet wake-up we must, for if we don’t the consequences may be horrendous. The following videos aren’t pretty but ignorance is even uglier for it never leads to a positive outcome. So be brave. Watch them with an open mind so that you might discover the means of our oppression. Once the enemy is known, you will have the opportunity to appropriately prepare for what is coming. You will also have the opportunity to do your part in putting a stop to it. Refusal to wake-up simply leads to the opposite result. It will not matter how loving, positive, and spiritual you are. At a global scale, you will deal with the same consequences as the rest of us.

There is Power in High Places

Be not afraid for we are not alone in fighting our battles. I believe that there is Power in high places that you and I cannot conceive of. However, to activate that power we must come together as one mind using every spiritual and metaphysical tool that all the religions of the world have garnered over the eons. In coming together we will forget our differences and finally realize that we are ONE. With one mind, and through a singular focus and a solitary intent, we cannot fail to reach our goal of having the freedom to live a fully empowered, completely enlightened life.

If one man by the name of Martin Luther King (a priest) could activate the civil rights movement in American, and one man named Ghandi (a dedicated spiritual seeker and meditator) could oust the British Empire from India, and one woman names Susan B. Anthony could enfranchise women in a country that was dead set against it, and one man named Jesus Christ (an extremely spiritual person) could introduce the concept of unconditional love and forgiveness into the human consciousness that believed in an “eye for an eye”, and one man named Nelson Mandella (another very spiritual person) could end apartheid in South Africa, can you imagine what multiple awakened people could do if they were willing to awaken to the evil that confronts them and then work together for the good of humanity? We are the people we have been waiting for, but if we do not face our oppressors in the light, our oppression will continue indefinitely. To face our oppressors in the light means to see them, know them, understand their psyche and how they think,  discern their goals and the strategy they use to attain them, and then do what it takes to counteract them by not participating in their agenda.

Educate Yourself

To that end, the following videos speak volumes. Though there are a lot of viewing hours here, if you will set aside only 15 to 30 minutes a day to educate yourself about the enemy humanity is facing, you will become an enlightened being who has the capacity to become a savior of the world. Let the Christ within you take the reigns. Let your higher self do the viewing. The form of the word you use to describe that part of you that is still divine, higher, stronger, and more noble is irrelevant. It is time now to move past forms, forget our differences,  and do what it takes to stand up to our oppressor.

All of my other recent posts have videos on them that will further enlighten you to not only what the spiritual journey is really all about, but how to protect yourself from the insanity of our current situation.

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