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My website addresses two main issues: detoxification and nutritional rejuvenation, both of which are necessary for physical healing. Detoxification is addressed at all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. All levels must be addressed to heal the physical body.

In order to heal the body you must first heal the mind. The mind is full of self-destructive thoughts that have caused self-destructive behaviors. When we begin to behave self-destructively, we often do not know what the consequences will be. This is the case with all addictions. Most people begin their addiction in adolescence or young adulthood when they aren’t thinking about what their lives will be like in 20 or 30 years. As we age we then live out the consequences of our self-destruction. Once we see a bigger picture we become proactive in righting the wrongs that occurred when we were too immature to know what we were doing.

The Effects of Pollution


As most people know, we have now polluted our planet to the extent that many species are becoming extinct. Because we are part of the food chain, every bit of the pollution that we have put in the earth has made its way into our bodies. This pollution lodges in specific organs, but frequently ends up in the Liver, which is the main organ that detoxifies the body.  Because much of this pollution is created in a chemists lab, it is not natural to the human organism. This means that it cannot be  metabolized. What can’t be metabolized remains in the body accumulating year after year. That which is not natural to the human body causes cancer and a host of other neurological problems. It also accelerates aging, which means that the body starts showing signs of degeneration much earlier than in the past.


Birth Defects

It is a well known fact that the current generation of children can now expect a lifespan that is much shorter than their parents. After accidents of all kinds, cancer is now the leading cause of death in children and many are born with it, as well as psychological birth defects such as ADD, ADHD, autism, and childhood bipolar disorder. These are not really psychological problems but brain disorders that prevent children from having a normal emotional response to life.  They are diseases that are horrifying for parents to deal with, for many of these children throw on-going tantrums far beyond the age when it is normal for them to do so.


Heavy Metals Damage the Nerves

Neurological diseases are also on the rise. In particular Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Geherigs disease and MS are rising exponentially. These are neurological disorders that are caused when heavy metals and other environmental chemicals attach to the nerve endings.  Since heavy metals derange every cell they contact, when they lodge in the brain, neurological disorders are to be expected. Primary suspects are the mercury that dentists put in our teeth, and the vaccinations that are now being given to children: 30 before the age of two. These vaccines used to be laced with mercury preservatives. Though this was outlawed, the vaccines are now being laced with aluminum preservatives that are leading cause of Alzheimer’s disease.


Lyme Disease Increase Caused by EMF Pollution

Another mysterious disease that is effecting many people is Lyme’s disease, which is often misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome and MS. Lyme disease is caused by a parasite that rapidly multiples when it is exposed to electromagnetic pollution. Once you have it you never get rid of it. In the past most people had immune systems that were strong enough to keep this parasite at bay. However, because of our poor dietary habits, as well as the accumulation of environmental toxins within the body, Lyme’s disease has become a major cause of ill health in the World today. Mainstream medicine does not know how to treat it. Being frequently misdiagnosed, it is treated with toxic pharmaceuticals that further pollute the body and do nothing to get rid of the parasite.

LiveLongerCleasnse.Com for Detoxification and Nutritional Rejuvenation


Live Longer Cleanse is a website designed to educate the public about how to detoxify the body of the pollutants that are killing us. It also details what good nutrition is and how to get it by using super food  supplements in smoothies and natural fruit and vegetable juices. On the website I sell the Eniva product line. These are high quality liquid nutriceuticals that are like medicine to me. Each of their products have vitamins and minerals in them that have an extremely small particle size for instant, almost 100% bioavailability. Eniva Vibe has both vitamins and minerals in it from a whole foods source. It has the highest ORAC rating of any neutraceutical on the market today. These are minerals that have been made into extremely fine particles that no longer need to be digested. Rather, they are instantly absorbed through the lining of the stomach or mouth. They are nearly 100% bioavailable.


When the body does not have enough minerals heavy metals attach to the receptor sites that were meant for the minerals, causing easy absorption. Minerals also determine the body’s ph level. An acidic body is caused by acidic foods low in absorbable minerals. Processed foods,  soda pop, and alcohol are all highly acidic. To increase your ph to optimal levels, the body must be well nourished with minerals. Adequate minerals can even act as heavy metal chelators to remove them from the body.
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