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The Great Awakening

We Create Our Own Reality My teacher, Lazaris, has always taught us that we create our own reality. A Course In Miracles teaches much the same thing. The channeled being Abraham also indicates that we attract life experience, as does the channeled ET Bashar. In fact, I don’t know of any evolved spiritual teacher who [...]


The True Nature of Time

Although all time is simultaneous, which means that all our lives are happening at once, we experience them linearly in consciousness as if they were happening one at a time. They go in no kind of order. We can just as easily explore a future life time as a past one.


The Riddle of Time

According to Einstein, we live in four dimensions that can be defined simply as length, width, and depth set within a back drop of time, which he claimed was the fourth dimension. The first three dimensions of length, width, and depth create distinct forms. These forms impact one another within another form called “space” within [...]