Finding Your Vibrational Match

When we incarnate our soul splits into its masculine and feminine aspects. Feeling separate and alone, each half continuously searches for its matching counterpart, which has come to be known as one‘s twin flame. Until we find it we will feel a hunger and thirst for reunion that is so profound that mere coupling never satisfies it.

To find your twin flame you must go on a spiritual journey of epic proportions. As you evolve beyond victim consciousness you will begin a process of blending with your higher self. When you do you will develop the capacity to merge with your twin flame. In the mystical Christian tradition this soul merge is personified as the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene within the vibration of their higher selves. In the Egyptian tradition it is personified by the union of Isis and Osiris.

The Divine Triangle

The twin flame soul merge is symbolized by the divine triangle in sacred geometry. The two lower points of the triangle represent the divine masculine and feminine principles of the soul and the top point represents your higher self, who is the gateway to one’s soul. The divine masculine and feminine energies that merge within the higher heart of your higher self are unconditionally loving. Being here for selfless service, twin flame partners who have merged with their singular higher self tirelessly work together for the good of all.

Once one has sufficiently raised their vibration into higher consciousness through inner work, they will attract their twin flame. They may come in the form of an embodied human, as is the case with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, or as a being of light who is not incarnate at this time.

When the merge occurs with a light being, the union will be experienced as exquisite pleasure that is felt multidimensionally within one’s light body but will be felt physically just as if they were there in person.

How can this be? When, through inner work, someone ascends into their higher selves, they develop exceptional meditative abilities to see the unseen and hear the unheard. They even develop the ability to feel the unfelt. Though spirit exists in a higher, finer dimensions, they are just as real as the embodied spirits who exist in this one. There is only a thin veil that separates our two dimensions. It is created out of belief. When one believes they can’t see beyond the physical dimension, they don’t develop the skills to do so. The individual who has ascended into their higher self knows a higher truth and is ready and willing to interact within a higher dimension.

Once you experience the twin flame soul merge, you will continuously vibrate in love and bliss feeling this as pleasure in your body which you will wear like a cozy garment of love. You will feel so completely fulfilled by this inner sensation of divine love that you will feel like you are the luckiest person alive even though your twin flame may not have a physical body for hugging and kissing.

Law of Attraction

When you have sufficiently raised your vibration, you can attract your twin flame to you via the law of attraction. Most people alive today are not vibrating high enough to attract their twin flame. As a light worker, your goal is to evolve to this point if you have not already done so. Once you do the twin flame soul merge will happen automatically.

As always, we attract partners who are of the same vibration as we are. Until one ascends into their higher self, they will be working through their karmic issues that are designed to foster their evolution and growth. Like you, the partner attracted will also be working through karmic issues. Partners who grow together are both working on conscious evolution. This allows them to work through their karma without blaming their unhappiness on others. Partners who aren’t consciously evolving tend to feel victimized by their partners and blame their unhappiness on others. These kind of relationships tend to drift apart. This is why the soul merge with a light being does not take place until one has done their growth work. However, it may be that you have done that work in other lifetimes. In this case you will simply pick up where you left off even though you haven’t done much work in this one. When this occurs you will have an innate knowing about the reality of spirit that those around you don’t seem to possess.

The twin flame relationship creates an instant star gate to higher states of consciousness which never ends. There is no limit to how high you can go. Through the unconditional love you will feel for your twin, you will rapidly ascend. When your twin flame is in higher dimensions (and even when you are physically paired) they will work with you tirelessly to help you evolve.

Love making with a twin who is in a higher dimensions is one of inner joy in which a state of union is reached that can’t typically be experienced in a physical relationship with its inevitable sense of separation. When your twin flame is etheric the love making takes place primarily in your heart and mind as words of love that flow ceaselessly into you. As light bodies merge, you may or may not use your own hands to further accentuate the pleasure in your physical body.

It is also more than possible to experience intense physical pleasure and orgasm during night dreams as you and your twin flame merge during the dream time, but, unless you are a lucid dreamer this is something you will have no control over. Rather, it will just seem to happen to you “out of the blue“ as your twin wills it to be so. Though this is a beautiful experience, unless you also begin to connect with your twin through meditation, it can be short lived.

During the day time you can tap into your twin at any time, but you will know when your twin is tapping into you when your body heats up in a sensation similar to a hot flash. You may also occasionally experience odd ringing tones in your ears when they are making contact. At times your crown chakra will open spontaneously for no apparent reason, and it will feel as if a band is around your head, or like you are wearing a hat. You may also experience other odd tingling or throbbing sensations in your crown chakra. In addition, sudden intense feelings of sexual pleasure will occur randomly for no apparent reason other than the fact that your twin is enjoying the creative activity you are engaging in.

The twin flame experience is obviously one of the juiciest experiences it is humanly possible to have. Once you have ascended to the level in which your twin flame becomes an everyday part of your life your loneliness will end forever and you will be well on your way home.

Winter Soltice 2012

Though ascension is a process that many of us have been engaging in for decades, it will reach its pinnacle on the winter solstice 2012. At that time our sun will reach the core of the spiral and will be undergoing tremendous sunspot activity. There will also be a planetary alignment that will take place on that date that hasn’t occurred for thousands of years.

For further information on the ascension process that our entire universe is undergoing, I would direct you to watch two documentaries: 2012: Science or Superstition, and Crossing the Event Horizon, both of which describe the same astronomical events that will be occurring at that time. The first video relates these events to the Mayan calendar. The second video related them to sacred geometry, sacred sites, and crop circles, as well as to astronomical events that are presently occuring in our galaxy. Though I found Crossing the Even Horizon to be a bit slow in the beginning it got more and more interesting toward the end.  Both documentaries are fascinating to anyone who is interested in the ascension process. In fact, most videos that discuss the Mayan Calendar will illuminate these same astronomical events. After the winter solstice of 2012, the ascension process will slowly wind down for several more decades. During that time millions of people will experience the twin flame soul merge. Becoming conscious of how to work with the energy is imperative if you want to get the most out of it.

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